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PowerCitizen USA Citizen

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PowerCitizen USA Citizen PowerCitizen USA Citizen PowerCitizen USA Citizen PowerCitizen USA Citizen PowerCitizen USA Citizen PowerCitizen USA Citizen

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Learn fun facts to get ready for 2012 elections or pass US citizenship test. Do you know why the U.S. flag has 13 stripes? Who becomes President if both the President and the Vice President can not serve? Who can vote in the U.S. Senate only to break a tie? Play PowerCitizen(TM) and learn essential facts about U.S. that you should know. This app is free and does not contain any annoying ads. Every time you get a new high score, you can post it on Facebook. This app is useful for people who want to increase their U.S. civics knowledge. They will gain mastery of the key facts about American history, foundation, constitution, congress, federal vs. state powers, and many more things that will make a freedom loving patriot proud! Great for immigrants who are preparing for a U.S. citizenship exam or interview, or non-immigrants who aspire to become U.S. citizens. This app contains all the key questions typically asked from the applicants during a U.S. Citizenship test or interview by USCIS (INS) officer. Keywords: American, citizen, immigrant, non-immigrant, naturalization, test, congress, federal, state, visa, immigration, resident visa, green card, interview, greencard, permanent resident, alien, Elections, tea party

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Android 2.3.7 以上
Trymph Inc.

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