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Finally!! Staying current on all news from and around India is not only easy and simple but fast and clean. Includes YouTube feeds from leading indian news channel to help you stay current on news from India.
NOTE: To fetch new articles after first download, you will need to tap the refresh icon (in the bottom right corner) or use menu option and choose refresh.
Top rated iPhone App now available on the Android market.
Check out www.allindia-news.com, a website dedicate to bringing clean news reading to desktops.
All India News brings full news articles within the native app without taking you to the newspaper's website. That gives a far better readability experience. You still have the choice of reading the news article from the newspaper's website by opening the article and selecting the option via phone's menu button and selecting the article link to newspaper.
Pull the menu tab along to the top to see different sections, alternatively, click the hardware menu button to see sections. Refresh button allows you to pull current news and stay up-to-date. Built-in storage does not require you to be connected all the time, you could read news offline after downloading.
Share the news articles you like with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or Email.
Download All India News App to see the difference in readability and overall approach to newspaper reading on your Android device. From Bollywood to Health & Fitness, to Cricket, you have India’s most comprehensive topic-based news engine for the latest stories, articles and blogs from India’s leading newspapers - literally at your fingertips.
Check out the website (www.allindia-news.com) for more detailed screenshots!
- Offline browsing when internet connection is not available
- News feeds from India's leading Indian newspapers - TOI, The Hindu, Hindustan Times, Indian Express, Deccan Herald, NDTV
- News in native App as opposed to opening in a separate browser
- Email news articles to your friends from App’s built-in email functionality
- Post articles to your twitter account
- Business news feeds from Economic Times, Business Line, Mint, Reuters
- Entertainment News from Hindustan Times and Times of India
- Sports News from CricInfo
- YouTube video feeds from Star TV, ZEE TV, India TV, IBN Live, Lehren TV and News24
Terms of use: All India News App does not own the news content, it is sourced from newspapers and feeds in reference.

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此版本中的新功能:- Fixed non-working feeds. The Hindu and Hindustan Times working now
- Added Deccan Herald
- Added TV (youtube) channels Sony, Star Plus and Life OK TV
Even though the App lists photo and camera functionality under permissions, there is no usage of camera or photo in this App.
The reason why camera or photo is listed in permissions is when you plan to send feedback to me via the last tab. Otherwise, this app does not (and cannot) invoke camera functionality.

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