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Wisdom of books collection. A new app that pools all your books wisdom.

Books list:
The Game
Guidelines for Successful Business
Guidelines for Leader
The Pleasure Prescription
The Heart's Code
Nature, Man and Woman
Slow Down
The 48 Laws of Power
Love's energy
Love and Survival

I have create yongBook because I love to read. For every books I read, I gain some wisdom and knowledge. Often I will like to reread certain sentences in unknown future. With yongBook, I can easily find my favorite quotes in seconds on my Android or iPhone without refering to the physical books. Adding my own comment and experience to the quotation is important for own recording and sharing with others.

It is a 100%% free app for good readers. If you have any comments, please post on the app. Create a feedback book, and add in your comments. :)

A app to record wisdom quotation from books that users read.
It is a convenient way to refer these words any time on the internet. It opens to reader community discussion of experience and feelings. For every book I read, I want to make some note and possibly the author could reply to the user experience.

A new app to share your favorite quotation in a book that you have just read. You can enter as many book as you like. For each book, you can add good quotations that you like to refer in the future. You can add comment or experience on that quotation. Other readers can also add comments to your quotation.

You can carry all your books in your iPhone, iPad or android! And search or refer to your favorite quote anytime and anywhere.

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Android 2.1.0 以上
Sai Tiam



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