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yongDriver_Pennsylvania yongDriver_Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania Traffic Jam & Police

As a driver myself, i created yongDriver for my daily use. I am releasing it free for all drivers. It is frustrating to drive into daily morning and evening traffic jam caused by accident, tree trimming, road work or even bad weather.

yongDriver serves its purpose if it can help you detour and avoid drudgery jam, unexpected roadblock. It delivers a smooth and enjoyable drive home.

1. Help you avoid traffic jam with real-time traffic map.
2. Alert you of roadblock, police etc.
3. 1 button to report road incidents on the move.

It is a 100%% free service that provides useful traffic information combined from on authoritative data source and help from your local driver community.
1. Live traffic flow
2. Speed trap
3. Police check point

How it work?
1. It displays real-time traffic flow near your location.
2. You get your friends and neighbours to collaborate.
3. You get notified of possible jam and "danger".
4. Every verified event will last for another 30 minutes.

Traffic Color Code:
Black - jam
Red - heavy traffic
Yellow - slow traffic
Green - smooth traffic

Mobile Device:

With live traffic information, you may be able to deduce a police roadblock if the map shows traffic comes to a halt in early hour of the night. Download now to begin a relax journey...

Note: As yongDriver is customizable, you can create your own reporting items specific for taxi drivers. For example, many customers are waiting for taxi at a unexpected location after a wedding dinner.

Direction: For safety reason, please use holder/stand for your iphone, ipad or Android phones.

Example: Recently, as I am driving along the highway. I notice cars starting to jam up not far ahead. I quickly glance at my yongDriver and access the current traffic situation. I can see where the heavy traffic start and end. In split seconds, I quickly detour at the nearest exist. Drive a mile more and return back to the highway right after the jam. It saves my day. :)

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Android 2.1.0 以上
Sai Tiam



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