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BillionGraves Camera App

BillionGraves Camera App

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BillionGraves Camera App BillionGraves Camera App BillionGraves Camera App BillionGraves Camera App BillionGraves Camera App

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Join the effort! Use your Android phone or tablet to help map one billion graves

As I delve into my family history, I celebrate every ancestor I find, and every record or scrap of information I can locate. But over and over, I run into roadblocks. Anyone who really digs for their family roots knows what that feels like. All these records and snippets of history I’m trying to find are out there, somewhere. But all too often I don’t know where to find it, or I can’t find it because I can’t travel to wherever my ancestors were born, lived, or died. But I realized something: every record is near somebody, even if that somebody isn’t me. As far as headstones and graves go, someone out there lives next to the cemetery I need. And who knows, maybe the cemetery they need to search through is the one in my home town.

So my friends and I started work on BillionGraves.com. In building the site and its iPhone and now Android apps, we’ve created a framework that allows people all over the world to map out photos of all the headstones in their local cemeteries and upload them to the BillionGraves.com database. Once the photos are there, fellow family historians can transcribe the information from the headstones and make it easy to search, which puts unique headstone records only mouse-clicks away from anyone looking for their ancestors. By using the smartphone's location services, we can ensure that even when descendants are half a world away, they can not only see their ancestors’ information, but they can also see the headstones and precisely where those headstones are. Previously undocumented records end up collected in an easy-to-access, free-to-use location, and family historians anywhere can use this framework to build on their existing research.

The trouble is that even though we’ve built this framework, it won’t amount to much unless we have help from all over the world. And by all over the world, I mean if we don’t have help from YOU. We have the audacious goal to accurately acquire, transcribe and share at least one billion grave records, but that can’t happen without others who share that same vision...

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As we continue to delve into the cracks and crevices in the wide variety of Android hardware and software implementations--we find better ways to improve BillionGraves.

We have implemented a variety of resolutions to make it more reliable to upload images, as-well as improve the GPS accuracy...get them here!

Please contact us with any additional data about BillionGraves at support@billiongraves.com.


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Android 2.1.0 以上

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