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Tech Junkie - Technology News Tech Junkie - Technology News Tech Junkie - Technology News Tech Junkie - Technology News Tech Junkie - Technology News Tech Junkie - Technology News

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Version 2.0 now available!
Tech Junkie brings you the latest and the most relevant technology news, hand picked and curated by Techmeme.com, the world's most popular technology news aggregation service. For thousands of people, including industry leading CEOs and the who's who of silicon valley, the day starts with Techmeme.com. And now Tech Junkie makes sure your favorite tech site is available in its truest form on your phones and tablets, with added features such as notification, news widget and more.
Even if you don't have time to go through the news, Tech Junkie has a radio function that will read out the news for you.
Version 2 Features:
★ Radio - reads out the news for you and can be accessed outside the app too with the new radio widget
★ Rich Notifications - Android 4.1+ devices will display multi-line notification with photo from the story
★ Dynamic Site Icons - if the icon (or logo) of a site is not available within the app, Tech Junkie will attempt to download and cache it directly from the source site
★ Swipe to close article (beta) - now you can close the mobile view by swiping horizontally, from left to right or right to left; ideal for one-handed use, instead of stretching for the back button.
Other Features:
★ Scalable design - for both phones and tablets (for 7" like the Nexus 7 in particular)
★ Top News section - that shows only the most relevant news
★ River section - featuring all news stories
★ History tab - that provides a searchable list of your reading history
★ Events tab - that has a table of major technology events that are happening around the world
★ Mobile View - that loads articles faster, in a mobile friendly way and within the app
★ Color change - for news titles to indicate a story that has been read (similar to link color in web browsers)
★ Notifications - for top news only
★ Widget - that displays all stories from River section
★ Control the notification, set the refresh rate, ringtone, vibration, LED light and more
What differentiates Tech Junkie from other tech news apps is that you only have to read the news once, instead of going through it again and again from different sites. For example if the same news appears at Engadget, Gizmodo, TechCrunch and The Verge, Tech Junkie displays prominently only the first site that was to report that news, groups the rest of the sites into a collection and hides it from the main view. Alternate sources and relevant tweets of the same news can be accessed by clicking the "More" and "Tweets" button respectively. And when one or more news items are related, they are properly grouped like on the Techmeme website. Author names (when available) are also properly mentioned just above the story title (like Ian Sherr / Wall Street Journal, John Roberts / New York Times, John Paczkowski / AllThingsD), so that you can easily identify your favorite author's works.
Download Tech Junkie today and have your daily dose of relevant technology news, without reading the same story....twice.
New Permissions Explained:-
READ PHONE STATE permission is used to stop the radio when you receive an incoming call. Otherwise the radio will continue playing and you won't be able to hear your caller.
MODIFY OR DELETE THE CONTENTS OF YOUR SD CARD permission is used to cache the site icons downloaded.
Tech Junkie is in no way affiliated with Techmeme.com. We love Techmeme and wanted to provide the best user experience for the site, on phones and tablets. We do believe nothing can match the convenience of visiting Techmeme.com directly when using a PC and would recommend you to do so. But when you are on the go, Tech Junkie will come in handy. All icon copyrights belong to the respective sites.
★收音机 - 读出消息要告诉你,可外部访问的应用程序与新的无线电部件
★丰富的通知 - 的Andr​​oid 4.1 +设备将显示多行的通知,从这个故事中的照片
★动态网站图标 - 如果一个网站的图标(或标识)内不能提供的应用程序,技术,吸毒者会尝试下载并缓存它直接从源站点
★刷卡,收文章(测试版) - 现在你可以关闭手机的看法,通过刷卡的水平,从左至右或从右到左的理想选择,适合单手使用,而不是拉伸的“后退”按钮。
★可扩展的设计 - 手机和平板电脑(7“之类的Nexus特别是7)
★热门新闻栏目 - 只显示最相关的新闻
★段 - 所有新闻
★历史记录“选项卡 - 您的阅读历史,提供了一个搜索列表
★事件“选项卡 - 有一个表在世界各地正在发生的重大技术事件
★手机版 - 更快地加载文章,在移动友好的方式,在应用程序
★颜色的变化 - 新闻标题显示了一个故事,已被阅读(类似Web浏览器中的链接的颜色)
★通知 - 只为头条新闻
★部件 - 显示所有江段故事
技术吸毒者有什么区别其他科技新闻应用程序,你只需要一次,而不是通过它一次又一次地从不同的网站看新闻。例如,如果在同一个新闻出现在瘾科技,Gizmodo的,TechCrunch和一刹,技术吸毒者显示显着,报告,新闻,团体,其余的网站到一个集合中,从主视图中隐藏它的第一个网站。备用来源及相关的鸣叫条相同新闻可以通过点击“更多”和“鸣叫”按钮访问。当一个或多个相关新闻,正确分组Techmeme的网站上。作者名称(可用时)也刚才提到上述故事的标题(例如,约翰·罗伯茨伊恩·Sherr /“华尔街日报”/“纽约时报”,约翰·蓬奇科夫斯基/科技博客AllThingsD),这样你可以很容易地找出你最喜欢的作家的作品。
新权限的解释: -
免责声明: -

Tech Junkie - Technology News 更新内容

- Bug fixes
- Fixed loading error
- Improvements to Mobile View
- News radio using Text to Speech engine
- Rich notifications that display the full title
- New widget for radio
- Dynamic site icons
- Progress bar for mobile view
- Swipe horizontally to close mobile view (beta)
- Bug fixes for widget, events and mobile view

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