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Baby Nanny is a FREE app that helps you to track and document your baby's key activities including eating, pooping, sleeping, and more! Export reports as CSV and send via email.
To get to the edit button, click the list all button or the last added row at the bottom of the add screen. Once you get to the list of entries, click the LEFT SIDE icon to launch the edit screen for that item....
Waahhh! We got a one star ranking because I kept Mommy up all night and she couldn't find the Pump Log. I kept telling her that it is on the MENU OPTIONS but she can't speak baby goo goo gah gah. Please email the developer if you have a poopie. :-) There is too much to put on the screen so are using the menu for some items.
Did we mention that it's FREE? Pretty sweet. Know what else is free? Baby smiles. Well not quite, sometimes you have to give a cootchie cootchie coo to get a smile. Oh and that it never expires. You can use it for as long as you want. For Free.
But wait there's more!
Baby Nanny's Pump Log lets you track your breast pumping so that you know just how much you are creating every day!
Download now and you will also receive :-)
Remember the exact moment your baby smiled? The first time at day care? The first time they walked? The first temper tantrum ? :-( Baby Nanny let's you record these milestones in the Baby First section.
Busy moms are juggling 20 things at one time! That's why we've added our Todo List! Create todos including doctor's appointments, play dates, reminders and more! And even better? Text them to dad or grandma. (Note: tech saavy Grandma's not included.)
Our resources section contains some really cool links to useful web sites including CDC growth charts (we'll be doing more with the charts in future versions.), baby product recall notices, and fun parenting web sites. Oh, and some of our other apps that you can play with while the little guy or gal is napping. If you got an app that should added, drop us a note and we'll check it out!
But wait there's more!
Well actually that's about it. There were some other things we wanted to put them in this version, but our baby twin girls decided to come a bit early. :-) Have I mentioned that they are the cutest babies EVER? :-) They're doing great though and it's been fun! The app is free but does contain ads. We want to keep it free but may also have a paid version later on. We've got two college funds to save for now. We're planning on adding more features like graphing, shopping lists, baby food recipes and much more in future releases.
Current Baby Nanny Features:
- Track sleep times and durations
- Track diapers and diaper usage :-)
- Track baths
- Track feeding times and amounts
- Track medicines and dosages
- Track breast pumping amounts and times
- Track one, two or more children
- Handy TODO list that also functions as a Honey Do List :-)
- Resources section including links to external parenting web sites
- Export and email csv reports
- Track Baby First milestones like first smile, first step and more
Future Baby Nanny Features (As Twins Permit):
- Graphing
- Enhanced Growth Charts
- Photo organizer
- Diary
- Calendar view
- Your suggestion here
Testimonials ( :-) )
Cooo... Coooo... Gurgle... Poop. Wahhh! Baby Nanny. Cooo! - Baby Jane, Age 3 months
Mommy was so tired. Then she started using Baby Nanny's Todo List and texting Daddy at work with things that needed done on the way home like pick me up some new toys! Now she has more time to play with me! I love Baby Nanny! Oh and Mommy and Daddy too! - Joey, Age 8 months
Now that Mommy's using Baby Nanny, I'll never fuss at nap time again! I promise! - Monica, Age 6 months
My husband developed Baby Nanny for me and our twins. Isn't he the best? - My wife.
Questions or comments? problems or suggestions? Feel free to drop us a note. Email's below. And we hope that you have as much fun using Baby Nanny as we did creating it!
Waahhh!我们得到了一个一星级的排名,因为我整晚不停妈妈了,她找不到泵日志。我不停地告诉她,这是在菜单选项中,但她不会说话的婴儿,咕,咕,嘎,嘎。请以电子邮件的开发商,如果你有一个poopie。 :-)有太多所以所使用的菜单的一些项目将在屏幕上。
我们说过它是免费的?非常甜蜜。知道还有什么是免费的吗?婴儿笑了。好吧不大,有时你必须给一个cootchie cootchie COO得到一个微笑。哦,它永远不会过期。您可以使用它,只要你想要的。是免费的。
记得确切的那一刻你的宝宝笑了?第一次在日间护理?他们第一次走?第一发脾气? :-(婴儿保姆让你记录这些里程碑在婴儿第一部分。
忙碌的妈妈们都费尽心思的20件事在同一时间!这就是为什么我们增加了我们的待办事项列表!创建待办事项,包括医生的约会,打枣,提醒和更多!更妙?这些文字的爸爸或奶奶。 (注:高科技saavy奶奶的不包括在内。)
那么实际上这就是它。还有,我们希望把他们在这个版本的一些其他的东西,但我们的宝贝双胞胎女儿决定提前到来了一下。 :-)我有没有提到,他们是最可爱的婴儿EVER? :-)他们正在做伟大的,虽然它是很有趣!该应用程序是免费的,但不包含广告。我们要保持它的自由,但也可能有付费版本以后。我们有两个大学的资金来挽救现在。我们计划增加更多的功能,如绘图,购物清单,婴儿食品配方和在将来的版本等等。
- 跟踪睡眠时间和持续时间
- 跟踪尿布和纸尿裤的使用:-)
- 轨道浴场
- 轨道喂养时间和金额
- 跟踪药品和剂量
- 轨道乳房抽水量和时间
- 轨道的一个,两个或更多的儿童
- 方便的TODO列表也充当蜂蜜待办事项清单:-)
- 包括链接到外部育儿网站参考资料
- 出口和电子邮件CSV报告
- 轨道婴儿首先里程碑像第一次微笑,第一个步骤,更
- 图形
- 增强的生长曲线图
- 照片管理
- 日记
- 日历视图
- 您在这里的建议
COOO ... Coooo ......汩汩......船尾。 Wahhh!婴儿保姆。 COOO! - 宝宝珍,3个月以下
妈妈太累了。然后她开始用婴儿保姆的待办事项列表和短信爸爸在工作中与所需的道路上做过的事情类似家庭接我了一些新玩具!现在,她有更多的时间和我一起玩吧!我爱宝贝保姆!哦,妈妈和爸爸呢! - 乔伊,年龄8个月
现在,妈妈的宝贝用保姆,我永远也不会大惊小怪,在打盹的时候了!我保证! - 莫妮卡,6月龄
我的丈夫发达婴儿保姆对我和我们的双胞胎。他是不是最好的? - 我的妻子。

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v1.5 - Added edit functionality! whoopie!
Waahhh! We got a one star ranking because I kept Mommy up all night and she couldn't find the Pump Log. I kept telling her that it is on the MENU OPTIONS but she can't speak baby goo goo gah gah. Please email the developer if you have a poopie.

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