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pakistan quiz & gk 2014下载

pakistan quiz & gk 2014

pakistan quiz & gk 2014

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pakistan quiz & gk 2014 pakistan quiz & gk 2014 pakistan quiz & gk 2014 pakistan quiz & gk 2014

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Pakistan GK app is one of the unique and only app in the android market which contains 1500+ MCQ with answer.Pakistan GK app contains 1500+ MCQ in more than 18 categories.Pakistan GK app will improve your general knowledge about Pakistan. Application will help you in your carrair plan and helps in preparation of other government exams.Pakistan GK app contains GK questions with option "Show Answer" to check your knowledge with correct answer.This app is going to delight you with 1500+ best crafted questions ,which will help you to crack various compitative exam like PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, KPKPSC, AJKPSC, FPSC, NTS etc.Pakistan GK app is especially designed for the students preparing for the various competitive exam.Must download app for every student.Offline app and does not required internet connection.Just download it and get all information at your fingertip.*MCQ on Following Categories*Pakistan HistoryPakistan GeographyPakistan EconomyPakistan PoliticsPakistan MythologyPakistan SportsPakistan LeadersPakistan RiversPakistan Mountains & ForestsPakistan Defence Pakistan Arts and CultureCurrent AffairIslamiatGeneral ScienceFamous PersonalitiesAwards & RewardsBooks and AuthorsResearch, Inventions & DiscoveriesLiteratureMiscellaneous

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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