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Touch Blocker / Disable Touch

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Touch Blocker / Disable Touch 描述

Netflix usage: because many users want to use this app with Netflix, please check below for details on how to use this Touch Blocker with Netflix to prevent the movie playback from stopping as soon as you disable touch input. This video shows you how to do it: http://youtu.be/w4wixMgltLc
Touch Blocker prevents unintentional touch interaction with the touch screen of your device by blocking touch input. When you disable touch input while watching a movie you don't have to worry not to skip scenes by accidentally touching the screen. Also useful if you hand your phone to someone (e.g. to show them a picture) and don't want them to mess with the device.
Usage: Install and start Touch Blocker and select which methods you want to use to disable/enable touch interaction with your device (I would recommend enabling at least the options 'Run In Foreground' and maybe 'Disable On Triple Tap'). Setting up these options has to be done only once. Then select 'Enable' in preferences (you may also set it to be launched automatically at each reboot of your device). You can then lock the screen by clicking the notification icon. The donate version offers a even simpler way of blocking/unblocking touch input by the way of a convenient overlay icon.
If you want to use this with NETFLIX: The secret of disabling touch input for Netflix is to start blocking touch events while the Netflix app is buffering the video stream for playback. It works using any method Touch Blocker provides, but easiest and most conveniently by using the overlay icon (available after donating -- just click on it while Netflix displays 'Loading...' next to the rotating circle animation). If you also enable the Fullscreen option you can enjoy uninterrupted playback of your Netflix movies! What is currently not possible is to block touch input if the video was paused once or you used the slider to seek forward/backward. This is NOT a bug of this app, but a 'feature' of the Netflix app. The way around that is to stop the playback (the position is saved by Netflix) and then start it again. Then proceed as described above.
A thanks to the people who donated: I've added an overlay icon that gives you a simple and always availabe way to toggle the blocking function (no need to use the notification anymore). The overlay icon is hidden 3 seconds after the touch input is blocked. You can show it again by touching the screen once. Also available is a shortcut that you can place on the home screen to block touch input or that can be called by gesture control programs (like GMD) to block touch input.
More options of the donate version:
- lock the volume keys when the touch input is disabled
- hide the notification bar
- remove all ads from the app
- add a configurable delay before the touch input is is disabled (useful if you want to use it for Netflix)
- a password can be set that is required to unlock the device
- a widget to quickly easily disable touch input
- an option to go FULLSCREEN (hide navigation and notification bar) -- *ROOT* is required up to Android 4.3 to use this though
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如果您想使用此与Netflix :禁止触摸输入的Netflix公司的秘密是开始阻塞触摸事件,而Netflix的应用程序是缓冲播放视频流。它可以使用任何方法触摸拦截器提供,但最简单,最方便的使用覆盖图标(捐赠后可用 - 只要点击它,而Netflix的显示“加载中...”旁边的旋转一圈动画)。如果还启用了全屏选项,你可以享受你的Netflix的电影不间断的播放!什么是目前无法为阻止触摸输入,如果视频被暂停一次或您使用滑块快进/后退。这是不是这个应用程序的bug,但Netflix的应用程序的“功能”。围绕这个问题的方法是停止播放(该位置保存的Netflix),然后再次启动它。然后进行如上所述。
   - 锁音量键当触摸输入被禁用
   - 隐藏通知栏
   - 从应用程序中删除所有广告
   - 前触摸输入(如果你想使用它的Netflix的有用)被禁止添加一个可配置的延迟
   - 密码可以设置所需解锁设备
   - 一个小部件可以快速轻松地禁用触摸输入
   - 一个选项去的 FULLSCREEN (隐藏导航和通知栏) - * ROOT *为必填项高达4.3的Andr​​oid使用这虽然

Touch Blocker / Disable Touch 更新内容

v2.2 - bug fixed, that caused the overlay icon to be shown, even if it had been disabled
- new notification icons to conform with Android design guidelines
v2.1 - overlay icon automatically hidden after 3 seconds after screen is blocked
- improvements to the shake detection
v2.0 - overlay icon that gives users of the donate version access to the blocking functionality without having to use the notification -- thanks guys/girls!
v1.9 - improved blocking of soft keys once again

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Android 2.3.3 以上
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