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Brain-A-Wake Free

Brain-A-Wake Free

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Brain-A-Wake Free Brain-A-Wake Free Brain-A-Wake Free Brain-A-Wake Free Brain-A-Wake Free Brain-A-Wake Free Brain-A-Wake Free Brain-A-Wake Free

Brain-A-Wake Free 描述

If you have trouble waking up in the morning or just want to feel more alert, Brain-A-Wake can help. Brain-A-Wake is designed to help wake-up different parts of your brain and help you get your morning brain workout. It’s also lots of fun!!
Brain-A-Wake is an alarm clock which sets off several games and puzzles designed to help you wake up. When the Brain-A-Wake alarm alert starts to ring it launches a series of random games and puzzles. To shut-off the alarm users must successfully accumulate points by correctly answering each puzzle or completing each game. You set the points and how difficult or easy you want your games to be.
Now with over 30 increasingly difficult levels.
This version has 6 puzzles and games with dozens of variations. Including:
- Classic flash card game
- Mimic game
- Geography quiz game
- Classic memory puzzle
- Math puzzles and quiz
- Word scramble puzzle
Please contact us if you have any suggestions, find a problem or bug. Agile Thinking is committed to maintaining high quality apps and will work hard to keep this updated.
- 经典的闪存卡游戏
- 模仿游戏
- 地理问答游戏
- 经典的记忆拼图
- 数学难题和测验
- 字争夺之谜

Brain-A-Wake Free 更新内容

Version 4.3.4:
- Bug fixes
Version 4.3.0:
- New levels
- Custom level feature
Version 4.2.4:
- Fixed number pad bug on Galaxy S3
- Updated buttons and placement during mini games to make it easier to find
- Added volume button to mini games
Version 4:
- Adapted to android version 3.0+
- Fixes random crashes
Version 3.4:
- Bug fixes
- Default alarm sound change

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摄影图像 美化
Android 2.1.0 以上

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