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Tarot Touché Lite

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Tarot Touché Lite Tarot Touché Lite Tarot Touché Lite Tarot Touché Lite Tarot Touché Lite Tarot Touché Lite

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OVERVIEW There are many good Tarot Card applications on the web. So why another one? What makes this one different, even unique? We will answer this question and you will hopefully find it impossible to resist. The unique aspect of this application is the innovative 'CARD LAYOUT EDITOR' . This enables you to create your own, individualized 'CUSTOM LAYOUTS' Your individual 'CARD LAYOUTS' can be exported and shared with other Tarot and Touche users. In addition to the 'CUSTOMED LAYOUTS' there are also 'DEFINED LAYOUTS'for instant insight and fun. For example there is Single Card (to answer a quick question), a 3-card spread, the 'Celtic Spread', the 'Year Ahead', the 'Zodiac Spread', 'Our Relationship', 'The Pyramid of Love', 'Lovers Triangle', 'Letting Go;, and 'Moving On'. A comprehensive card reference is included which you are encouraged to enhance with your own notes and interpretations. There is an additional innovative and unique feature of this application which is a special and fun way to shuffle and cut the cards interactively. Finally you will get a complete history of your readings and can export or email these individual readings as well as a screen shot of the associated layout. OTHER UNIQUE OR IMPORTANT FEATURES. CARD OF THE DAYThis is a convenient way to learn about the Tarot cards and to understand their deep meanings and implications for life. If you read the text on the card of the day, you will find, you will notice that the card's essential meaning will be woven into the fabric of your day as you live it. COMPLETE CARD REFERENCE AND GALLERY. This is an extensive and comprehensive text about the meanings of all 78 Tarot cards. These include the historical meanings, various psychological interpretations and insight into how a particular card can be applied to your modern day life. TAROT READINGSThere is a choice between automatic or manual dealing of the cards. It deals the cards face up or face down. With a simple click on a card it will be enlarged to full screen so that you can read the text. Also from the menu, the user can reveal all the cards, hide some cards, take a screen-shot of the layout, and so much more. HISTORICAL RECORDING OF YOUR READINGSThis is an easy way to save your readings so that you can return to them over and over again. The special thing about this history is that you can recall the cards in the exact layout they had on the day of the first reading. The information about this reading can be exported for use in any of your other Tarot applications making it part of this unique experience.nique experience

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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