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AT&T Smart Wi-Fi

AT&T Smart Wi-Fi

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AT&T Smart Wi-Fi AT&T Smart Wi-Fi AT&T Smart Wi-Fi AT&T Smart Wi-Fi AT&T Smart Wi-Fi AT&T Smart Wi-Fi

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AT&T Smart Wi-Fi connection manager is a free app that finds and auto-connects to available hotspots, maximizes battery life by only turning Wi-Fi on & off when needed, logs missed hotspot opportunities for your review and action for subsequent use, and displays your real-time cellular and Wi-Fi data usage.
Let this app help to increase your Wi-Fi connections while minimizing your cellular data consumption. AT&T Smart Wi-Fi helps you find, auto-connect and remember available hotspots in places you frequent. This free app also maximizes your battery life and displays your Wi-Fi and cellular data usage in real-time so you can keep tabs on your data plan usage. Running quietly in the background, AT&T Smart Wi-Fi uses hotspot auto-detection to make it easy for you to discover, select and build a list of available hotspots. It also helps maximize battery life by staying in sleep mode until it recognizes you’re near a previously-detected hotspot. Moreover, AT&T Smart Wi-Fi creates a hotspot opportunity list by logging and mapping hotspots you’ve seen -- but not connected to previously. By doing this, you can readily access relevant hotspots the next time you’re in that area and want to connect.
AT&T Smart Wi-Fi is available on select AT&T Android phones, 2.1 or higher.
• Ability to Connect to Encrypted Hotspots
• Opt Out Screen
• Social Sharing Buttons
• Auto Click-Though ability for hotspots
• Ability to disable auto-connect to guest hotspots
• Scan immediately upon disconnecting from Wifi”
让这个程序有助于提高你的Wi-Fi连接,同时最大限度地降低您的移动数据消费。 AT&T智能Wi-Fi帮助您查找,自动连接,并记住你经常去的地方提供热点。这个免费的应用程序,也最大限度地提高您的电池寿命,并实时显示你的Wi-Fi和蜂窝数据使用,所以你可以保持您的数据计划使用的标签。在后台悄悄运行,AT&T智能Wi-Fi热点的自动检测,很容易让你去发现,选择和建立一个可用的热点。这也有助于最大限度地延长电池寿命停留在睡眠模式,直到它认识你靠近一个先前检测到的热点。此外,AT&T智能Wi-Fi热点的机会,记录和你见过的热点映射列表创建 - 但没有连接到以前。通过这样做,你可以很容易地访问相关的热点,下一次你在这方面,要连接。
AT&T智能Wi-Fi是适用于特定的AT&T Android手机,2.1或更高版本。

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生活实用工具 系统工具
Android 2.1.x 以上

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