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Download this FREE instant messenger by the best Italian Restaurant Group in Los Angeles - Piccolo Venice and Hostaria del Piccolo! Features: - Receive in-app only special deals and promotions from the Piccolo restaurant group! Get them as text, photo or video! - Receive a photo or video every now and then from their chefs / staff. See their latest menu items, see how they are created, get special cooking tips and more! - Make a reservation and get confirmation through the app. - Talk / ask anything from the Piccolo staff or comment on / recommend ideas to make their service better. This app does not stop at just being your direct link to the Piccolo Restaurant Group. You can also use this as your own personal messaging app that you can share with your friends, co-workers, family members, etc! - Share thoughts or messages with your contacts using text, photo or video! - Create Groups quickly and organize your contacts by simple drag-n-drop movements. Extra Features: - Send messages individually to a person in your contact list or to an entire group. - Ability to delete a message that you've sent. Doing this will also automatically delete the message from the people who received it. - Ability to let the message sender know that you have opened his message already. - Timestamps are shown to let you know when you sent the message and when the message was opened. - Ability to save messages forever. Other messages not saved will automatically be deleted after 7 days to keep your inbox tidy. - Ability to filter messages by message sender. - Invite other people to join your private network inside the app. - Instant Push Notifications and Unread Message Counter which you can turn on/off. - Forgot your phone? Use the web based version by going to [url]. - You don't want to use the app anymore? Delete your account (and all your messages securely) in the app's settings page.

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Android 1.6.0 以上

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