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Shasta County Voter Guide

Shasta County Voter Guide

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Shasta County Voter Guide Shasta County Voter Guide

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Welcome to the Shasta County VoterGuideNow™ app. The Shasta County Voter Guide app provides June primary election information on your phone. Access your ballot from the Shasta County Registrar of Voters using this app. Find candidates and all your election information for Shasta County fast and easy. This is your Sample Ballot for Shasta County containing all the candidates, measures, propositions, and more useful information (e.g. How to mark your ballot, Top 2 primary) that you will need to vote in Shasta County in the upcoming primary election.

Save your choices on the app in “My Choices” and have your selections available in your phone – to take to the polls on Election Day, or for use when you mark your mail ballot if you vote by mail. Learn about candidates, measures, and propositions on the go, when you have a spare minute. Learned something new, changed your mind about a candidate or measure? No problem! Make the change on your phone in My Choices and be ready for Election Day or voting by mail.

Go GREEN. With VoterGuideNow™ you can opt-out of getting all this paper in future elections! California has more than 17 million registered voters and each one gets at least 50 pages printed and mailed per election – well, you do the math! That’s more than 500 million sheets of paper and 60,000 trees and 2,000 metric tons of CO2.

3 things in 1 on your phone! Find information on candidates, local measures and statewide propositions quickly and easily. The information provided in and the California Secretary of State. VoterGuideNow™ simplifies your search for information about what will be on your Ballot for the June 5th primary election. Who’s running for office where you live? Check. Want to read their candidate statement? Check. What are the propositions and measures to consider? Check. What is the fiscal analysis impact of propositions and measures? Check. And much more!

VoterGuideNow™ is unbiased and unedited. Information comes directly from state and local election officials. VoterGuideNow™ is unique to you based on your home address; the information contained in the app is customized to include all Federal, State, and local ballot items that apply to Shasta County voters in the upcoming election.

Disclaimer: VoterGuideNow™ is not a voting device. VoterGuideNow™ assumes you are a registered voter and makes no warranties or promises about an individual’s registration status. Downloading this app does not register you to vote. This app is not a registration look-up. To get voter registration information go to: http://www.elections.co.shasta.ca.us/content.aspx?id=30

Privacy Policy: http://voterguidenow.com/terms-of-service.html

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