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Vehicle maintenance with style, flexibility, and convenience! *****If you appreciate my work so far; please rate and give me feedback. The apps growth is dependent on your willingness to rate and give me feedback.***** Note: Working on fixing some bugs and minor nuances. Will be completely removing the ad! Auto Care is a vehicle maintenance app that is meant for any kind of vehicle owner. No longer will you have to deal with manual vehicle maintenance tracking or using other programs that puzzle you to no end. Auto Care is made to be mobile, quick, intuitive, and educational. I have used excel, programs, and other apps to track my vehicle maintenance tasks over the years but always sought for something better. This is my best effort to fulfill that goal and yours too. ***** UPCOMING TODO LIST (based on user requests):-Option to make text largerPotential Future Development Plans:-Interface that is more supportive of fleet management.-server synchronization to allow multiple users to share data.-Export data to friendly format, perhaps Excel and ability to email it (if you wish to view your data on bigger screen or share the data with others) (XML and/or CSV).-Desktop accessibility.-??? Taking requests for additions. ***** Main Highlights:-Low battery usage, does infrequent reminder checks to preserve battery and should not impact battery life vs other apps that have more intensive checks.-Notification bar reminders of services due.-Intuitive interface that is fairly quick to navigate and enter in information.-Easily put a picture of your vehicle to identify which vehicle is selected easier.-Built in basic to do lists to remind of tasks you need to do.-Fully tracks fuel up information and provides statistics such as costs and MPG.-Useful statistics and charts are provided and are a work in progress based on feedback received.-A quick snapshot to see your tracked services in order based on how soon you should take care of the maintenance.-Educational tips and descriptions on my default generic services that inform you: What happens if I don't do this maintenance? How difficult is it? Where can I find how to do it myself? What is it even? Along with some rough estimates of costs and time on doing the service.-Quickly track multiple vehicles and switch to them as needed.-Change the theme to several other provided themes.-Backup/Restore has never been easier including auto back up functionality.-Interface is made to enter in information quickly and I am open for suggestions on making it easier and quicker.-Add pictures of your vehicle onto the main menu and keep reference pictures for tracked services. ***** PERMISSIONS (an explanation):WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE*Used ONLY for backup information and may inevitably use so users can apply a picture to their vehicle. STATUS_BAR *Used for status bar notifications that are battery efficient only popping up if you open the program, to remind you of services due or every 3 days otherwise. ***** Thanks for trying Auto Care!

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Don Wise III

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