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KY State Parks Guide

KY State Parks Guide

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KY State Parks Guide KY State Parks Guide KY State Parks Guide KY State Parks Guide KY State Parks Guide

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Created in alliance with and approved by Kentucky State Parks. The Official Kentucky State Parks guide is FREE to download and will enhance any of your state park visits! Outdoor enthusiasts can now experience nature like never before with this official mobile guide powered by Pocket Ranger® technology. This all-inclusive app offers an environmentally friendly way to explore the parks. Users can decide which park to visit using a comprehensive list of activities or search for nearby parks or parks within a particular region. Advanced GPS and GIS Mapping technology invites users to track trails, mark waypoints, and locate landmarks in the great outdoors, while interactive features guide users through the parks. Park goers can access rich GPS features, such as: • Advanced GPS Maps with State Park Geographic Information Systems (GIS), which allow users to access trail data, record tracks from hikes, runs, or bike rides, and view elapsed time and distance traveled. • Easy-to-cache GPS Terrain Map tiles, which ensure that navigation remains possible in the event of lost mobile reception.• Photo waypoint feature allowing users to snap a photo and mark and record the coordinates of plant life, animal species or landscape views. Post or share these remarkable finds with family and friends with the click of a button.• Friend Finder feature that allows users to keep track of friends and family around the parks.• Built-in compass to help direct users through the parks.• Potentially life-saving Alert feature that supplies users’ GPS coordinates to designated contacts in case of an emergency. Pocket Ranger® technology also provides plenty of other standard features that make exploring the great outdoors a breeze, including: • Thorough information on all State Parks including general policy, contact information, activities, trails, park maps and much more.• Detailed, cacheable maps of park facilities, trails and campgrounds. • Up-to-date news and information on park advisories and weather information.• Sharing features that allow users to share current positions, waypoints and recorded tracks via Facebook, Twitter, or email. • A Calendar of Events, updated in real time, listing all State Park events with the ability to filter by desired park. Users can also create their own schedule that can include any event from any park.• Online reservations that make it easy to secure overnight visits. • Plus so much more! With the Pocket Ranger® in hand, prepare to bask in the vast natural wonders of Kentucky State Parks! Like us on Facebook: Facebook.com/pocketranger Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/pocketranger • The enhanced pro features on the app are designed to function in areas with little to no mobile reception; however, some of the features require mobile data reception in order to function properly.• Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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