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Baby's First Moo Lite

Baby's First Moo Lite

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Baby's First Moo Lite Baby's First Moo Lite Baby's First Moo Lite Baby's First Moo Lite Baby's First Moo Lite

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* Before downloading this app: please note that this is a trial version that includes 1 Level (& 6 different Animals) out of 6 Levels & 36 Animals that includes in the full version. *
A Baby must application (6 months – 3 years).
As one of your baby’s first apps, this surprisingly creative game supplies the
wonderful mixture of entertainment and education all in one!
With many colorful and inviting nature themes along with 36 animal-figures shown
in their original habitats, your baby will enjoy a simple yet intelligent game that will
encourage thinking and motor skills.
In this app there are several groups of animals, each in their natural environments –
represented by remarkably cute and elaborate figures and their unique sounds. This
true-to-nature sounds start by simply pressing on a displayed figure, teaching your
baby at a very early age the principle of action and re-action.
In each of the fascinating nature scenes, your baby will come across familiar
characters, such as a giraffe in the jungle, a cow on a farm, an underwater Dolphin,
and many more... (Each friendly animal enters the screen individually, in order to
avoid clutter and confusion for your baby, and to help develop better attention and
concentration abilities.)
Once the character is pressed there are prominent indicators of sounds and movement.
These actions contribute to:
• Hand-eye coordination
• Understanding the effects of action and reaction
• The ability to focus on one task at a time
Perfect for your baby.
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Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play

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