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Touch View 视频监控下载

Touch View 视频监控

Touch View 视频监控

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Touch View 视频监控 截图

Touch View 视频监控 Touch View 视频监控 Touch View 视频监控 Touch View 视频监控 Touch View 视频监控 Touch View 视频监控

Touch View 视频监控 描述

TouchView is a 3G video monitoring client software which is developed by Avonaco Communication Systems (Suzhou) Co., Ltd, basing on iOS 、Android platform.
It can be installed in the Android、iPhone and iPad, and be used to control remote cameras.
Function of TouchView:
1、It can connect and switch remote cameras rapidly, and the users can view the real-time monitoring video from the remote cameras.
2、Users have their own accounts. They can login and manage their accounts easily.
3、It can control the camera to do every PTZ(Pan&Tilt&Zoom) operations.
4、It can capture the real-time video and save it as a picture in the portable devices.
Advantage of TouchView:
1、The only monitroing client software that is authorized by the H3C IMOS. It can be used under the H3C unified monitoring platform.
2、The monitoring video is very clear and smooth. It has D1 quality and high compression ratio.
3、Users can configure the step distance of the PTZ cameras and control the cameras accurately.
4、It can display the monitoring video both in horizontal sceen and full sceen.
5、It can switch and control the cameras by gravity sensing.

Touch View 视频监控 更新内容

1、添加回放功能(需服务器支持) 2、监控部分添加超清、清晰、流畅三种视频流(需服务器支持) 3、优化部分功能,添加程序稳定性

Touch View 视频监控 历史版本

Touch View 视频监控 使用技巧

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Touch View 视频监控 信息

其它 系统工具 安全
Android 2.2.x 以上

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