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"Dangerous is a Console-Quality [mobile] Game" -148apps.com
"2011 Achievement for Outstanding Original Soundtrack" -iFanzine.com
"Dangerous is a space simulation that has incredible depth." -iReviewT.com (scored A-)
"Dangerous is without a doubt (no, seriously) the most robust space adventure available..." -148apps.com
"Dangerous is well worth the money..." -spacesimcentral.com (5 stars)
"For people who want a really engaging, in-depth experience... Very cool and very fun..." -TheDaily.com
"Another interesting feature was the "Romance" option" -unboundgamer.com
"An astounding level of depth takes Dangerous where few space sims have gone before ... offering factional allegiance and NPC partner systems that are sure to whet the genre fan’s appetite." -iFanzine.com
"The only "true" 4X on Android?" -myandrogames.com
"This game is basically an Eve Online clone ... Galaxy on Fire 2 while a fun game is child's play compared to [Dangerous]" - va2k0r on TouchArcade forums
- Please test with the free LITE versions on your device before you buy.
- The HD version plays the same as the SD version, but has improved and animated graphics for celestial bodies (stars, planets, moons) and super high quality FX options
- You can save your game to the cloud and play from any supported platform
- Email us if you need a refund after Google's 15 minutes. We want you to be happy with your purchase.
Dangerous is an epic 3D open and living world space sandbox combat RPG with an immersive and riveting story. You have been awoken from cryo sleep a century later, and must discover the truth. Are you the feared war criminal who will destroy all life or the savior of the universe? Gather your wingmen and travel the galaxy in search of answers. Along the way, you'll encounter a Universal AI, a shadow group pulling history's strings, a princess, a schizophrenic robot, a beautiful lieutenant of the Royal Navy, a fearsome mercenary, a suicidal slave, and a playboy fighter ace.
Dangerous is a game that is 3 years in the making! It features:
- 3D real-time sandbox game built with Unity game engine
- metallic shader, lighting, particle effects, lens flare, explosions, fx
- space combat RPG with extensive skill tree
- open and living universe where 600+ ships fly around autonomously
- epic story with dialogue system that allows real choices
- recruit 6 wingmen and 2 can fly with you at a time
- even discover romance with another wing pilot
- recruit 5 corporate pilots who can fly trade routes on your behalf
- trade, fight, mine, pirate, scan for derelict ships and wormholes
- many mission types: epic, freelance, dynamic, wingman acquisition, faction loyalty
- deep combat mechanics, AI, and faction standings
- 20+ ships, 180+ modules, 33 solar systems with a unique follow-through-warp mechanic
- 15+ factions to vie favor or destroy
- cinematic camera shows you the action when it happens
- fly manually with or without Newtonian physics or use autopilots exclusively
- 22 track theatrical-quality award-winning soundtrack by renown composer, Sean Beeson
- cloud save lets you continue your game at home or on the go
MEMORY: Dangerous uses a lot of memory during play, so if you have an older device, please close extraneous programs and reboot prior to playing. You may also turn on the low polygon-count space stations or reduce graphical options in the Systems>Options menu inside of stations.
TIP: If you are experiencing freezes or other problems, others have reported success by uninstalling, rebooting, and then reinstalling the game. Please visit http://whoisdangerous.com for the latest news, bug fixes, and discussions.
LANGUAGES: Additional languages were supported using an automatic translation service. Please help us fix any poor translations.
“危险空间模拟,有令人难以置信的深度。” -iReviewT.com(助攻)
“危险是毫无疑问的(不严重),提供最强大的太空探险......” 148apps.com
“危险是非常值得的钱......” -spacesimcentral.com(5分)
“对于人谁想要一个真正引人入胜,深入体验...非常酷的,很好玩的......” TheDaily.com
“一个惊人的水平,深度险象很少的空间模拟游戏之前已经提供派系效忠和NPC伙伴系统是一定要磨的流派球迷的胃口。” iFanzine.com
“唯一的”真正的“4X And​​roid上?” myandrogames.com
“这场比赛基本上是一个在线前夕克隆......而一个有趣的游戏是孩子们的游戏相比,[危险]”银河消防2 - va2k0r TouchArcade论坛
- LAUNCH销售价格
- 请测试您的设备上使用免费的Lite版本,然后再购买。
- 高清版播放标清版一样,但有改进和动画的图形天体(恒星,行星,卫星等)和超高品质的外汇期权
- 你可以保存你的游戏到云和播放从任何支持的平台
- 给我们发电子邮件,如果你需要一个谷歌的15分钟后退还。我们希望你能快乐与您购买。
- 3D实时沙盘游戏使用Unity游戏引擎内置
- 金属着色器,灯光,粒子特效,镜头光晕,爆炸,FX
- 空间战斗RPG游戏丰富的技能树
- 开放和生活的宇宙,其中600 +的船舶绕飞自主
- 史诗般的故事与对话系统,让真正的选择
- 招6僚机和2可以在同一时间和你一起飞翔
- 即使发现浪漫与另一翼飞行员
- 招5个公司的飞行员能飞贸易路线,以您的名义
- 贸易,战斗,矿山,海盗,扫描废弃船舶和虫洞
- 许多任务类型:史诗,自由,充满活力,僚机收购,派系的忠诚度
- 深战斗力学,人工智能,和派别榜上
- 20 +船舶,180多个模块,33个太阳能系统,具有独特的后续通过经技工
- 15 +各派争夺的青睐或销毁
- 电影摄像头显示你的动作,当它发生
- 飞带或不带牛顿物理学手动或使用自动驾驶仪专
- 22轨道戏剧品质屡获殊荣的电影配乐由著名的作曲家,肖恩·比森
- 云储存在家中或在旅途中,让你继续你的游戏

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