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AwayFind gets you away from your inbox by pushing urgent emails right to you.
Checking your email every 5 minutes? Tired of it?
We were, too. That's why we created AwayFind to let you get away from your inbox and still get all of your urgent messages right to you.
AwayFind (“Away Find”) connects directly to your email accounts and sends you push notifications when you're sent messages that you've specified as urgent.
NOTE about In-App Purchase:
* The first month you have nearly unlimited (1000) alerts from AwayFind, completely free.
* After that, you can receive 10 alerts per month for free. (and unused alerts roll over)
* To receive more than 10 alerts, you can purchase 250 more for 4.99USD or 20 more for 0.99USD. You will be notified before you run out of alerts.
Got work to do, but distracted by email all the time?
Relax. AwayFind alerts take just seconds to setup... and ensures you won't miss a beat.
On vacation but still have one or two things that might pop up?
Don't worry about it. AwayFind will cut through all the other email clutter and get you those one or two that you really need to respond to.
Have a meeting later today that might get changed?
We have that, too. You'll get notified right away if you get an email related to an upcoming meeting (so you don’t wait when they show up late...again).
Are you waiting for an email that's more important than the usual important, one you literally need to get "NOW”?
With the AwayFind Android app, that's taken care of, too. Just type in the name, domain, or email address of what you're waiting for and when it comes, you will get a "NOW" alert with a noticeable alarm that will stand out from any SMS or other push alerts from your device.
If you're new to AwayFind, you can quickly create an account in our app. If you're a current AwayFind.com user you can sign in right away.
AwayFind works with most Gmail, Google Apps, Exchange, and IMAP mailboxes. (Yahoo and Hotmail are not currently supported.) If you need additional account options (such as adding SMS or voice alerts, or detailed mailbox configuration), you can log into your AwayFind for Android account at awayfind.com.
Sign up today and get away from your email... at least the ones that aren't urgent.
Please note: after the first month, you will receive up to 10 alerts for free. Or, you can buy an additional 250 alerts in-app too, for just 4.99USD.
Privacy Policy: http://awayfind.com/privacy.php
Terms of Service: http://awayfind.com/tos.php

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Android 2.0 以上

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