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短信群发器 短信群发器 短信群发器 短信群发器 短信群发器 短信群发器

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Broadcast SMS is the fastest group messaging app on the market! Why do I say this? Because the first screen you see displays your groups. Choose a group. The next screen you see is the SMS entry screen. Type your message and hit send! Short of a completely customized app that would send to only the same group every time I’m getting it done it 2-clicks plus your message text. I’ve found I do almost as much group texting as I do single recipient texting. Having an app that can group text quickly became a must, but I didn’t like all the extra clicks it takes to get it done in most apps.
Broadcast SMS is not intended to replace your SMS messaging app. It’s not intended to handle your contact or group management. There are lots of apps better suited for those purposes. What Broadcast SMS does is get your message to your pre-defined groups very efficiently.
Want to see what’s going on tonight? Group text all your friends in 2 clicks. Want to update a group of family members that you’ve arrived safely after a flight? Blast text message to them in 2 clicks. Need to tell your team at work you’re running last? Broadcast a SMS message to them in just 2 clicks!
Broadcast SMS was originally written as a sales leads messaging tool for a Realtor based out of NY. It still functions very well in that capacity as it will read an input file stored on your SD card and send a bulk text message to each phone number it parses from the file. I started out using Broadcast SMS to group text my kids, my friends and my family. I did so by creating 3 separate input files with their numbers. That just wasn’t practical though. So, I modified the app to use your pre-defined Google Contact or Phone Groups. Setup a group by logging into Gmail and working with your contacts.
Why Broadcast SMS? Because it’s the fastest tool to get my message to a group of people! It was never intended to be the soup-to-nuts of SMS apps. I like the pure utility of it. It’s single purposed and as a result requires far less code. Less code means it’s easier to maintain and should have fewer bugs ;)
You can send up to 100 messages per hour in Android from any application. That’s the other beauty of a utilitarian design! You send out the initial blast but all the responses come in to your regular SMS messaging app! As you reply to people you’ve consumed none of that app’s hourly allotment.
Bug Submissions & Feature Requests equally appreciated to: bill@aydabtudev.com or visit our website: http://www.aydabtudev.com

短信群发器 更新内容

Current Changes:
* Fixed a NPE crash in Google's In App Billing Helper.
Older Changes:
* Updated to the latest Google Play Services Library and bug fixes.
* Updated to use latest Contacts APIs making significant performance improvements
* Updated ad library fixing several known bugs
* Added Premium purchase to remove ads
* Fix for FC when displaying MOTD
* Fix for FC caused by new progress dialog
* Updated icon
* Added progress dialog to indicate activity after group selection

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Android 2.3 以上



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