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Boston Bruins Official App

Boston Bruins Official App

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Boston Bruins Official App Boston Bruins Official App Boston Bruins Official App Boston Bruins Official App Boston Bruins Official App Boston Bruins Official App

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Stay connected year round with the Official Boston Bruins Mobile App. Get up-to-the-second play-by-play and game stats with the all-new ice tracker, plus the latest Bruins news, video, and much more. Download it now for free and keep up-to-date with everything Boston Bruins.
Included in this app:
- Live game updates with box scores, game stats and the all-new ice tracker
- Custom Alerts and user controlled preferences
- The latest Bruins news
- Photo galleries from Bruins games and events around town
- Video from bostonbruinsTV that brings you from the B’s locker room to the ice
- Bruins player bios, photos and updated stats
- Conference/Division standings and out-of-town scores
- Interactive game schedule, allowing you to buy Bruins tickets directly from your smartphone
- Fantasy Five game where you can compete against other B’s fans
- Ability to incorporate your Twitter and Facebook accounts, allowing you to share content
New features are added periodically so make sure to keep your Official Bruins Mobile App updated through the App Store!
- 现场比赛的比分更新,游戏统计和全新的冰跟踪
- 自定义警报和用户控制的喜好
- 熊最新消息
- 图片画廊镇附近的熊游戏和活动
- 从bostonbruinsTV视频,为您带来从B的更衣室冰
- BIOS熊播放器,照片和更新的统计
- 会议/的分部积分榜上的小镇分数
- 互动游戏的时间表,让您买熊的门票直接从您的智能手机
- 梦幻五的游戏,你可以抗衡其他B的球迷
- 把你的Twitter和Facebook账户的能力,让您分享内容
定期添加新的功能,所以一定要保持移动应用程序通过App Store更新您的官方熊!

Boston Bruins Official App 更新内容

- Updated Tickets section allowing you to access more information regarding how to Buy Tickets and Get/Transfer/Resell tickets with Ticketmaster integration. Also includes information about Last Minute Ticket Alerts and Mobile Entry.
- Enhanced the content experience on our home screen, allowing you to gain access to news, photos, and videos faster than ever before.
- Bug fixes for home screen and video play; custom layout for notifications.

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