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Babylon Translator Babylon Translator Babylon Translator Babylon Translator Babylon Translator Babylon Translator

Babylon Translator 描述

Reading an email, article or any other text and not sure about some words?
Babylon, the world’s leading provider of dictionary and translation software, brings you Babylon Translator.
Babylon Translator provides comprehensive dictionary results and full text translations between dozens of languages - absolutely free of charge!
- Pasteboard Integration – just copy a word from an email, browser or any application and get immediate translations!
- Translate words to multiple languages – simultaneously!
- Select dictionary & full text translations!
- Huge selection of 1,600 glossaries and dictionaries in dozens of languages!
How to Use Babylon Translator?
1. To copy, tap on any word in your emails, applications or browser.
2. Press on "Copy".
3. Babylon is translating – you will see an indication on top.
4. Drag down the notification area to get the translation.
5. Click on Babylon section for more elaborate translation results.
6. Supports full text translation – switch from “Term” to “Text” translation at any time.
Babylon Translator includes a search icon for your homescreen to conveniently search the web. You can easily remove it and keep only the application.
Note: Babylon Translator retrieves results online from Babylon’s servers, and requires an Internet connection to function correctly.
** Try also our cool app - Babylon Touch - now available in Google Play **

Babylon Translator 更新内容

Version 1.0.2:
- You can now keep Babylon icon in the notification area (choose "Show Notification Icon" in settings).
- "X" has been added to the Term search box to conveniently delete the previous term.
- Bug fixes.


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Android 2.2.x 以上

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