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BabyPhone Mobile: Baby Monitor

BabyPhone Mobile: Baby Monitor

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BabyPhone Mobile: Baby Monitor BabyPhone Mobile: Baby Monitor BabyPhone Mobile: Baby Monitor BabyPhone Mobile: Baby Monitor BabyPhone Mobile: Baby Monitor BabyPhone Mobile: Baby Monitor

BabyPhone Mobile: Baby Monitor 描述

Turn your smartphone into a modern baby monitor with realtime audio and video transmission and unrestricted range over the internet.
** How does it work? **
Note: You need two devices. The following devices are supported: Android phone, Android tablet, Windows PC/Notebook, Mac OSX PC/Notebook ( Download PC/Mac version at http://www.babyphonemobile.com )
1.) Device A: Placed near the baby's sleeping placed and acts as "Sender"
2.) Device B: Taken along by the parents and acts as "Receiver"
3.) The App connects Device A with Device B and streams the audio recorded by Device A to Device B and allows Device B to remotely take pictures and videos through Device A.
** Is it for free? / What is a license? **
The app is free to try but requires a license for regular usage.
Without license, the app starts in trial mode:
All features are available and can be tested but the connection is cut every 30 minutes and requires a restart of the sender (free trial mode can be used as often as you like)
For regular operation, we charge the following. The money is used to settle our monthly costs of running a server cluster for the app and to support further development.
* Regular: 15 Days at $1.25
* Subscription: $1.73 per month (save 30%)
* Long Term: 365 Days at $18 (save 40%)
** Important: Only one license is required for your devices and only on the devices acting as "Sender" require a license. After you bought your license you will receive a license number (also available in the app under "license manager" -> "license number") that you can enter on all your other devices that shall act as "Sender" by using "license manager" -> "license number". Per license, one "Sender" may be online at the very same time.
** Server Cluster? What is this? And what about privacy? **
By using our app, you can connect two devices to a modern baby monitor. This works with any internet connection, be it 3G, 4G, WiFi, etc. In order to allow a reliable monitoring connection in all those situations, all data is run through a dedicated server cluster operated by us.
* Privacy is one of our major concerns, that is:
The connection to the cluster is secured and we do neither store nor record any of the audio or video data run though our cluster. If you wish, you can even add another layer of security by encrypting your data with a custom password only known to you. This makes it even technically impossible for us to spy on any audio or video data. Furthermore, we never collect any of your personal data. We neither ask for an e-mail address nor any other of your personal data. All payment transactions are processed by Google and they only give us anonymous order ids but neither your name nor address. So you can be sure that your privacy is secured when using our app.
** List of Features **
* Audio transmission on noise detection
* Talk-Back: Talk with your baby
* Pictures and Video
* Control camera LED from remote
* Battery alarm
* Virtually unrestricted range (only internet connection required)
* Alarm on connectivity issues
* Support for temperature and humidity sensors (see our homepage for details)
* Low data consumption (especially when using audio only)
** Is it only a baby monitor / baby alarm? **
You can use the app in multiple scenarios. Our users reported that it is useful in the following settings:
* Dog Monitor
* Stay in contact with care recipients
* Pet camera
** Questions or Problems? **
For further support, please check our FAQ: http://www.babyphonemobile.com/eng/faq or contact us: info@babyphonemobile.com
**它是如何工作的? **
注意:您需要两个设备。以下设备支持:Android手机,Android平板电脑的Windows PC /笔记本电脑,Mac OSX版的PC /笔记本电脑(下载PC / Mac版的http://www.babyphonemobile.com)
**它是免费的吗? /什么是许可证? **
**重要:需要您的设备,只有在作为“发件人”要求许可证的设备只有一个许可证。当你买了你的驾驶执照,您会收到一个许可证号(也可在“许可证管理”下的应用程序 - >“许可证号”),您可以在您的所有其他设备应作为“发件人”通过进入“许可证管理“ - >”许可证号“。每个许可证,一“发件人”可能是网上在同样的时间。
**服务器集群?这是什么?什么隐私? **
**难道只有婴儿监视器/婴儿报警? **
**疑问或问题? **

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Feb 2, 2016
Permissions are requested at runtime (Android 6)

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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