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Explore Sedona & Northern AZ

Explore Sedona & Northern AZ

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Explore Sedona & Northern AZ Explore Sedona & Northern AZ Explore Sedona & Northern AZ Explore Sedona & Northern AZ Explore Sedona & Northern AZ

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Acclaimed as one of the top ten most beautiful places in America, Sedona Arizona and the Northern Arizona Region is the playground for over 3 million people annually. The mild seasons, outstanding scenery, clean air, artistic appeal, spiritual intrigue and endless recreational opportunities make the region an ideal vacation destination for visitors of all ages.
This Free App "Explore Sedona & Northern AZ" is the official Touring Guide and Activity Directory for the gorgeous red rock country of Sedona, Arizona , nearby Verde Valley and the Northern Arizona Grand Canyon region. The "Explore Sedona & Northern AZ" App is a full-featured guide designed for your Android phone. Access a large variety of information, photos and videos on every popular subject for regional travel.
"The App's content can be streamed or downloaded. Interactive GPS maps indicate current location and guide you to the point of interest selected. Additional information including phone numbers, website URL's, directions to locations and text deliver all the information you need for exploring the region.
Arizona communities included in the App are: Sedona, Camp Verde, Cottonwood, Clarkdale, Jerome, Flagstaff, Williams, Tusayan and the Grand Canyon.
"Explore Sedona & Northern AZ" includes the following subjects:
• Lodging: Hotels, Motels, Resorts and B & B's
• Dining and Spirits: Restaurants, Deli's, Coffee Houses, Diners, Breweries, Wineries, Wine Tasting Rooms and Vineyards
• Shopping: Sporting Goods, Jewelry, Clothing, Shoes, Gifts and Souvenirs
• Art Galleries and Artist Studios
• Spas & Health
• History
• Climate
• Maps
• Hiking Trails
• Biking Trails
• Jeep Tours
• Aerial Tours
• Vortex Sites
• New Age
• National Parks and Monuments, State Parks
• Day Trip Suggestions
• Ancient Ruin Sites
• Entertainment and Events
• Real Estate
• Local Services
• More
Download "Explore Sedona & Northern AZ" today... it's Free!
这个免费的应用程序“探索塞多纳亚利桑那州北部”华丽的红色岩国亚利桑那州塞多纳附近的佛得角谷和北亚利桑那州大峡谷地区是官方的旅游指南和活动目录。 “探索塞多纳亚利桑那州北部的”应用程序是一个全功能的指南,旨在为你的Andr​​oid手机。访问种类繁多,每一种流行的区域旅游主题的信息,照片和视频。

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