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Flexi Time Tracker Lite

Flexi Time Tracker Lite

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Flexi Time Tracker Lite Flexi Time Tracker Lite Flexi Time Tracker Lite Flexi Time Tracker Lite Flexi Time Tracker Lite

Flexi Time Tracker Lite 描述

** Did you know that ads will be removed after 1000 clicks? **

Flexi Time Tracker Lite is the PREMIER time tracking mobile application.

Track your daily working hours with ease by creating timesheets or create tasks to track jobs/projects and billable hours.

Flexi Time Tracker Lite is perfect for those that work standard hours or bill clients by the hour, such as contractors, web designers, lawyers etc. Flexi Time Tracker Lite also enables those that work flexible hours, to track their flexi-time.


- Clock in and clock out or manually input times on timesheets past or present.
- Clock in and clock out multiple times throughout the day.
- View/edit/delete older timesheets.
- Displays flexi-time gained/lost for each day, total daily hours worked and flexi-time balance.
- Displays total hours worked during the current week.
- Export timesheets via Email in CSV (Excel) format (full version only).
- Create tasks that track hours for a particular client/project, specify hourly rate and calculate earnings.
- View/edit/delete tasks.
- Associate tasks with clockings (app only).
- Filter tasks by day/week/month (full version only).
- Backup all data to SD Card (full version only).
- Restore all data from SD Card (full version only).
- Move application to and from the SD Card (Android 2.2+ only and full version only).
- "App Widget" enables clocking in and clocking out easy (full version only).
- Add holiday/vacation, sick day or delete clockings.

Please note that an email facility will also be provided within the application which may be used to contact the developer directly. If you have any problems using the application on your particular phone, please contact the developer, rather than simply providing negative feedback. The developer will then attempt to resolve any issues you may have.

Flexi Time Tracker Lite 更新内容


Version 1.3

The ability to remove ads after 1000 clicks. Added an advert click counter in "Settings". Bug fixes.

Version 1.2

Minor update to dialog text.

Version 1.1

Bug fix: Fixed force close when clocking in/out after adding holiday/sick day.

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Flexi Time Tracker Lite 使用技巧

Flexi Time Tracker Lite 信息

Android 1.5.0 以上
Bazaar Coding Labs.

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