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Compare contacts Compare contacts Compare contacts Compare contacts Compare contacts Compare contacts

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With Small World you can compare your contacts with friends. We live in a small world, you never know what simillar contacts you have with someone else. The small world app will help you synch your contacts with a friend or any random person and find out who you both have in common. This is the FREE app and it contains Ads.To remove/block notification ads (Air Push): Go to http://www.airpush.com/optoutor use https://market.android.com/details?id=com.airpush.optout Download small world on two mobile devices, and just push the globe on one of them (it's as easy as that). Small World will compare both of your devices contacts and show you who you have in common. Don't you ever wonder how many people you have in similar with one of your friends. We guarantee you will have matches you never thought of. It takes less than half a minute and uses bluetooth technology (no WIFI needed). Don't worry we also have a Black List Configuration where you can hide contacts you don't want others to see when you compare. So what are you waiting for .... It's free and super easy to use. More Info at http://www.smallworldandroid.com JUST PUSH THE GLOBE! Now also you can share your contacts

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Android 2.1.0 以上
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