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Jelly bean calc

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Jelly bean calc Jelly bean calc Jelly bean calc Jelly bean calc Jelly bean calc Jelly bean calc

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The crash has been removed. Please considering to remove the one star comment. Thanks! If crash after update perform a complete uninstallation and reinstallation or go to setting application and clear data and cache; as soon as possible there will be an update. Sorry for the bad bug. JELLY BEAN CALC is a very simple intuitive but at the same time very complete and advanced calculator. It draws graphs and solves limits and derivatives. Try it!! ------ NEW FANTASTIC LIMIT SOLVER!! try it, it's FREE!! ------ *New SCIENTIFIC MODE simpler that the advanced one; check it in setting! *This is a complete calculator that support lots of operator and function: -Normal operations -plus -minus -multiply -divide -absolute value -square -cube -nth pow -square root -cube root -nth root -modulo -Trigonometric functions -sin -cos -tan -asin -acos -atan -secant -cosecant -topolar -tocartesian -Hyperbolic functions -sinh -cosh -tanh -asinh -acosh -atanh -Logarithic and exponential functions -ln (natural logarithm) -log10 -log with custom base -e^ -10^ -a^ -Rounding functions -ceiling -floor -round -truncate -integer part -fractional part -Advanced functions -factorial(also for rational negative and complex number) -signum -greatest common divisor(gcd or gcf or hcf) -least common multiple(lcm) -random -permutations and combinations(also for negative and complex number) *Also the support for: -binary mode -result in fraction form -result in DMS form -result in time form -complex number -constants -user-defined constants -variable -user-defined formulas -history -degrees -radians -gradians *There is a plotter to draw functions -support for cartesian and POLAR mode -in polar mode graph from 2pi to 8pi range -multiple plots are supported -support for asymptotes -trace mode -derive mode *Multiple themes to chosen from. And new themes will arrive. ***EXCLUSIVE FEATURE*** -show expression in graphic mode with jqmath -PASSAGE for any expression

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Android 4.0.2 以上

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