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Want to win the battle against frizz? Need a new product to make your curly hair look perfect? ­ Need a curl specialist to cut and style your hair? Curls on the Go™ is a FREE app that puts the power of looking fabulous in the palm of your hand.
1. Always Be Frizz Free
Look great every day with the Frizz Forecast™. NaturallyCurly.com’s unique Frizz Forecast gives you instant weather reports and personalized product recommendations to remedy frizzy hair. So you can keep your hair looking great – whenever, wherever, no matter what the conditions are outside.
2. Browse Tens of Thousands of Products & Reviews
You can browse and shop for thousands of curly hair products, read unbiased reviews from Naturallycurly.com members, leave your own reviews, research ingredient information and create a list of all your favorite products to always have them at your fingertips. You can even share products to help out other curlies.
3. Find a Curl Salon Near You
Curls on the Go™ Salon Finder locks in your GPS coordinates and displays the curl salon closest to you. You’ll have access to reviews from the largest online community of curl friends, Naturallycurly.com, and be able to find the perfect salon for your curls. Plus, you can leave your own reviews and share a salon with other curlies.
4. Discover Your Hair Type
Find your hair type and get tailored tips, tricks, and products specifically for you so you have a great hair day everyday.
5. Browse Thousands of Photos & Videos
Browse thousands of cuts & styles for your hair type and share with your friends to get instant feedback on a new possible ‘do. We feature the newest style trends and let you add them to your favorites so you can show your stylist and other curlies. Watch expert tutorials and product videos from our YouTube library.
All the things you love about Naturallycurly.com in the palm of your hand!
More exciting features to come!

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