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Betty Crocker Mobile

Betty Crocker Mobile

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Betty Crocker Mobile Betty Crocker Mobile Betty Crocker Mobile Betty Crocker Mobile Betty Crocker Mobile

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Betty Crocker Mobile

This app is a toolbar that sits on top of the Betty Crocker website and allows you to bookmark your favourite recipes.

Enjoy the best of Betty Crocker on your mobile. This is a convenient way to visit the BettyCrocker.com website and consume its contents at the convenience of your handheld.

Browse thousands of popular recipes and bookmark them for later viewing.

This is an unofficial app. Not affiliated with the website in any way. It is a tool of convenience, as you can bookmark the site in the browser and achieve the same result. By downloading you agree that you do not hold the developer accountable for any unintended infringement of any kind.

All copyrighted work belong to its respictive owner (not the developer of this app). Please support Betty Crocker by visiting the website online.

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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