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Bible or Not® Bible Quiz Game

Bible or Not® Bible Quiz Game

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Bible or Not® Bible Quiz Game Bible or Not® Bible Quiz Game Bible or Not® Bible Quiz Game Bible or Not® Bible Quiz Game Bible or Not® Bible Quiz Game Bible or Not® Bible Quiz Game

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You’ve heard it on your favorite Christian radio station, or played it in a church youth activity, and now it’s available for Android! Bible or Not® is a Bible and pop culture quiz game that tests your knowledge of famous quotes and Bible verses. How well do you know the scriptures? You’ve heard these popular quotes, but are they in the Bible or Not? This Bible quiz game includes famous quotes from the Bible, historical figures, classic wisdom, books, literature, movies, songs and more. Test your knowledge of hundreds of “Bible or Not!” quotes, score points based on difficulty, lose points for wrong answers, play against yourself and others, beat the high scores of other players!
"Cleanliness is next to godliness.” – Bible or Not?
“The fallen shall rise again.” – Bible or Not?
“Take one step toward God, He takes two toward you.” – Bible or Not?
“Life is but a walking shadow.” – Bible or Not?
Bible or Not is a family-friendly Christian game. We hope you enjoy Bible or Not and share it with family and friends!
When you start a new game, a random quote will appear in the quote box, and you must decide whether the quote is from the Bible or Not by clicking the corresponding button. You will be told if you were correct or not and will be awarded points based on the degree of difficulty. If you answer wrong, points will be subtracted. Points accumulate and you can save your high score.
Set your Profile to select a unique name for yourself, all players can see the top 10 scores and corresponding players. Bible or Not can be updated automatically when new versions come out and new quotes are added, or you can be prompted to manually update the game.
Bible or Not® is a registered trademark protected by international trademark law. © 2011 Bible or Not, All Rights Reserved.
   “清洁是虔诚。” - 圣经或不?
   “堕落要复活。” - 圣经或不?
   “走一步走向神,他有两个朝向你。” - 圣经或不?
   “人生不过是一个行走的影子。” - 圣经或不?
圣经或Not®是国际商标法保护注册商标。 ©2011圣经与否,保留所有权利。

Bible or Not® Bible Quiz Game 更新内容

Release 1.1 is here! Bible or Not now supports playing in airplane mode or when no network is available. This release also fixes 1.0 bugs that have been reported. We also have updated the quotes so there are more to challenge you.
Thanks to those giving feedback! Please be sure to send feedback from the Feedback menu item to tell us what you like and maybe don’t like. Especially report any bugs that you may find.
Package name: com.bibleornot

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