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Big Buttons Keyboard Standard

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Big Buttons Keyboard Standard Big Buttons Keyboard Standard Big Buttons Keyboard Standard Big Buttons Keyboard Standard Big Buttons Keyboard Standard Big Buttons Keyboard Standard

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Avoid those tiny, frustrating buttons on your smartphone keyboard and enjoy the most advanced smartphone keyboard layout in the world.
(attn. devs - the patented Delta II keyboard matrix can be licensed - see below*)
Big Buttons Keyboard also has bigger number & punctuation buttons, making EVERYTHING you type on your smartphone EASIER and more ACCURATE! Bigger buttons are easier to read too.
But the MAGIC is in the patented Delta II modified-QWERTY keyboard layout that is surprisingly fast, accurate & EXTREMELY quick-to-learn!!
A more powerful version of Big Buttons Keyboard is available - Big Buttons Keyboard DELUXE ($2.99) includes themes, emoji, voice-to-text microphone, word prediction, large cursor keys & more.
Note 1 - Important - Big Buttons will NOT work until it is installed!! Press the blue & green BB icon, then press "Installation - Important" at the top of the menu and do both installation steps - it's easy.
Note 2 - All Android keyboard apps scare you with this warning: "Attention - This input method may be able to collect all the text you type..." Don't worry. Big Buttons Keyboard is a safe app that requires no risky permissions to run. Big Buttons Keyboard does not collect any of your data, nor can it access your emails, internet, text messages, etc. like most apps do, so type with confidence.
Note 3 - If any download from the Android Market hangs, go to your: Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Market: Then Clear data and Clear cache. Then try to download again.
Ideal for senior citizens and anyone with diminished vision and other eyesight issues that affect the elderly.
About the Delta II Keyboard matrix:
Skydiving equipment designers consider the user's muscle memory reflexes to make their products consistent and quick to learn & operate.
Chicago Logic uses the same muscle memory consideration to create a superior mobile keyboard having big, easy to read, accurate to press buttons - arranged in an ingenious layout that is learned almost instantly.
The patented Delta II tm modified QWERTY keyboard layout appeals to your muscle memory reflexes. Every letter is in proximity to where you already look and reach for it on your PC (QWERTY) keyboard.
The result? Your muscle memory reflexes cause you to learn and type on the new keyboard extremely fast.
With way fewer typos.
Whether reaching for emergency handles on a parachute harness, or reaching for buttons on a keyboard - you want your muscle memory reflexes working with you, not against you.
Delta II - Born for Mobile.
Welcome to Big Buttons Keyboard for Android.
* Attention mobile developers, manufacturers, integrators - don't force impossibly small QWERTY on your customers. Give them a superior, proven mobile keyboard layout - designed for humans. License Delta II for use in smartphones, TV remotes, portable medical equipment, automobiles, aircraft cockpits, etc. Delta II is compatible with touch screens, hard button keyboards, next word predictors, swiper's, stylus, handicapped accessibility, senior citizens and more.. US Patent 7,658,562. Contact: bizdev@chicagologic.com
(经办人开发者 - 获得专利的德尔塔II键盘矩阵可以许可 - 见下文*)
一个更强大的版本的大按键键盘可 - 大按键键盘DELUXE($ 2.99),包括主题,绘文字,语音到文本的麦克风,单词预测,大的方向键及更多。
注1 - 重要 - 大按键将不起作用,直到它被安装!按蓝色和绿色BB图标,然后点击“安装 - 重要”,在菜单的顶部,并做了安装步骤 - 这很容易。
注2 - 所有Android键盘的应用程序吓唬你有这样的警告:“警告 - 该输入法可能会收集您输入的所有文本......”别担心。大按键键盘是一个安全的应用程序,无需冒险的权限来运行。大按键键盘不收集您的任何数据,也不能访问电子邮件,互联网,短信等最喜欢的应用程序做,所以有信心类型。
注3 - 如果从Android Market挂起任何下载,请您:设置>应用程序>管理应用程序>市场:然后清除数据和清除缓存。然后再次尝试下载。
芝加哥逻辑使用相同的肌肉记忆的考虑,创造更卓越的移动键盘有大,容易阅读,准确的按下按钮 - 安排在这几乎是瞬​​间学会了巧妙的布局。
获得专利的德尔塔II TM改良的QWERTY键盘布局吸引你的肌肉记忆的反射。每个字母在接近,你看上去已经和它达到你的电脑(QWERTY)键盘上。
无论是深远的应急处理上的降落伞背带,或达到了键盘上的按钮 - 你希望你的肌肉记忆反射与您合作,不是打击你。
德尔塔II - 出生移动。
*注意移动开发者,厂商,集成商 - 不要强迫你的客户不可能小QWERTY。给他们一个卓越的,成熟的手机键盘布局 - 专为人类。许可证德尔塔II的智能手机,电视机遥控器,便携式医疗设备,汽车,飞机驾驶舱等德尔塔II是触摸屏,硬键键盘,下一个字预测,刷卡的,手写笔,残疾人无障碍设施,老年人和更兼容使用。的美国专利7658562。联系方式:bizdev@chicagologic.com

Big Buttons Keyboard Standard 更新内容

Fixes delete key issue in browsers.
Previous release:
Adjustable Keyboard Height.
Long-press the '?' button for short-cut to BB menu.
Taller bottom row for better accuracy.
More Alternative Characters.
Android 4.0 compatible installation.

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Android 1.6 以上
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