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Bighand for Android

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Bighand for Android Bighand for Android Bighand for Android Bighand for Android Bighand for Android Bighand for Android

Bighand for Android 描述

BigHand for Android is an advanced voice recording and workflow system which is designed to extend your office-based digital dictation capabilities onto the Android platform and improve your organization's remote working efficiency.
PLEASE NOTE: BigHand for Android is for use with the award-winning BigHand Enterprise Digital Dictation System and is not a standalone application. Users without a BigHand account will not be able to send or sync dictations. Please go to www.bighand.com for more details.
Advanced features include:-
- Record speech, edit, insert, overwrite, fast forward or rewind
- Take photos from within the app and attach them automatically to your dictation
- Expedite document production by setting a priority such as low, normal or high
- Convert your voice-to-text via a server-based engine if no assistant support is available
- View your worklist and track live progress updates
- Manage your recordings
- Receive automatic notifications about completed documents and review as required
BigHand for Android requires version 3.3 or above of the BigHand Enterprise System. Please visit www.bighand.com, email mobile@bighand.com or contact your BigHand Regional Sales Manager for more details.
高级功能包括: -
- 录制语音,编辑,插入,覆盖,快进或倒带
- 从应用程序内拍摄照片,并自动连接到您的听写
- 通过设置优先级,例如低,正常或偏高加快单证制作
- 通过基于服务器的引擎将您的语音到文本,如果没有助手的支持可用
- 查看工作表,并跟踪现场进度更新
- 管理你的录音
- 按要求接收有关已完成的文档和审查自动通知

Bighand for Android 更新内容

- Localisation support (UK English, US English, Dutch, French, French Canadian, German, Spanish)
- Re-branding & Android Material design refresh
- Bugs squashed (Media players showing dictations, screen locking whilst recording and others)

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办公商务 效率办公
 5.0.4 (c246)
Android 2.2.x 以上

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