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Bitdefender Parental Control Bitdefender Parental Control Bitdefender Parental Control Bitdefender Parental Control Bitdefender Parental Control Bitdefender Parental Control

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Bitdefender Parental Control for Android is a key part for Parental Control suite.
The Bitdefender Parental Control needs to be installed on your child’s mobile phone. To use Bitdefender Parental Control, you must link your device to a MyBitdefender account by logging in to the account from the app. If you don’t have an account, choose to create a new account using the corresponding button.
As a parent, you can see all the reports and create blocking rules in the Parental Control online interface. You just have to login to this page: http://bit.ly/YOotqI with your MyBitdefender credentials, and to create a profile for your little one.
To install the Parental Control Agent for Android, follow these steps:
1. Link your phone/tablet to MyBitdefender to see all the reports and create blocking rules in the Parental Control online interface.
2. Create a profile for your kids
3. Activate the device Administrator to prevent the unauthorized removal
4. Tap Accept to finish the installation.
Features (FREE Version)
★Webpages and apps monitoring
★SMS and calls monitoring
★Tracking all the websites that your kids visit or attempt to visit
★Track what words and phrases your kids are searching
Upgrade to Bitdefender Parental Control Premium ($29,95 yearly license – available for Windows and Android platforms) to have all this awesome features:
★Facebook monitoring
You’ll be updated on everything from new friend requests, comments, pictures, and videos, to changes in privacy settings.
★Location tracking
If you having a hard time reaching your kid, you can always check his location to make sure he’s in a safe area. Knowing where he is helps you stay worry-free.
★SMS and calls blocking & monitoring
With Bitdefender Parental Control, you have the ability to block suspicious contacts on your kids’ mobile devices.
★Time limiter
Bitdefender Parental Control allows browsing only during the hours set by you.
★Webpages and apps blocking
It also allows you to block apps and/or websites, so you’ll know your kids will be safeguarded while on the Web.
Now, we are tracking the Android`s default browser and Chrome activity. For a complete protection, you have the possibility to block from the beginning of the installation the access to other browsers from your child's device. Also, you can visit your MyBitdefender account, apps section, and choose your apps.
To learn more about how to protect your kids from digital threats, please log in to your Mybitdefender account: http://bit.ly/YOotqI or create an account if you don't already have one.
Use Bitdefender Parental Control to block content that may be offensive or inappropriate for your kids, restrict Web access between custom-set hours, and remotely monitor all online activity – even on Facebook.
升级BitDefender的家长控制权溢价(29.95美元每年牌照 - 适用于Windows和Android平台),让所有这些真棒功能:
使用BitDefender家长控制阻止的内容可能会冒犯或不适合你的孩子,自定义设定时间限制网络之间的访问,远程监控所有的在线活动 - 甚至在Facebook上。

Bitdefender Parental Control 更新内容

- Google policy changes (allow the removal of Device Administrator option)
- Implement email notification when the Device Administrator option is removed
- Improved the app stability and performance

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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