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Dictionary Hungarian English Dictionary Hungarian English Dictionary Hungarian English Dictionary Hungarian English Dictionary Hungarian English Dictionary Hungarian English Dictionary Hungarian English Dictionary Hungarian English Dictionary Hungarian English Dictionary Hungarian English

Dictionary Hungarian English 描述

Selling over 1,000,000 dictionary apps * More than 254,000 translation pairs * Voice pronunciation and input * Integrated Google/Bing Translate * Phrases * No internet connection required (except Google/Bing Translate & Wiki search)
BitKnights makes quality apps for people who love or use languages. That's why we have been developing this app for 5 years now, and will continue to do so in the future. Our Hungarian English Dictionary & Translator is an easy to use, lightning fast, user friendly dictionary with a huge database. Lightning fast translates from english to hungarian and hungarian to english.
- Voice pronunciation and input
- More than 254,000 translation pairs
- Quick search while typing (accentuation independent)
- Detailed view of the chosen word with phrases and synonyms
- Word-tap: you can tap on any word in the detailed view, to find its translations (Only in PRO version!)
- Speech in detailed view: clicking on any word will pronounce you the selected word or phrase
- Copy in detailed view: long tapping on any word will copy the word or phrase (Only in PRO version!)
- Integrated Google/Bing Translate (Internet connection is required!)
- Integrated Wiki search (Internet connection is required!)
- History & Favorites
- Moon Reader and FBReader translate support (Only in PRO version!)
- Translate by Share functionality: translate easily by sharing words with the dictionary from other apps. (Only in PRO version!)
- Translate from Clipboard notification bar: translate easily by enabling notification bar copying text to the clipboard and tapping on the notification bar. (Only in PRO version!)
If you like our app, please review it.
- 语音的发音和输入
- 超过254,000的翻译对
- 在键入时快速搜索(重读独立)
- 与词组和同义词详细查看所选择的字
- 字抽头:您可以在详细视图上的任何文字挖掘,找到其翻译(仅适用于PRO版本!)
- 语音在详细视图:点击任何单词发音将您选定的词或短语
- 复制的详细视图:长攻上的任何文字将复制的单词或短语(只有在PRO版本!)
- 集成谷歌/必应翻译(需要互联网连接!)
- 综合维基搜索(互联网连接需要!)
- 历史与收藏
- 月亮Reader和的FBReader支持转换(仅适用于PRO版本!)
- 翻译的Share功能:通过与其他应用程序字典中共享的话很容易地转换。 (只有在PRO版本!)
- 翻译从剪贴板通知栏:通过启用通知栏复制文本复制到剪贴板和攻丝通知栏上的轻松转换。 (只有在PRO版本!)

Dictionary Hungarian English 更新内容

- if you open the app through sharing then the same colour scheme is used now.
- live search issue has been fixed.
- if you use the inapp purchase in the app then the app icon is replaced too (no more confusing free icon after inapp purchase). Side effects: widgets are removed on Android 2.3 and 4.0, app icon is removed from the Home or Apps Launcher screens. After the inapp purchase you have to add them back manually.

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Android 2.3.2 以上

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