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PhotoSequence Lite

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PhotoSequence Lite PhotoSequence Lite

PhotoSequence Lite 描述

Better than a photo, more fun than a video.
This app is a limited version of PhotoSequence Pro. If you want to unlock the full potential of PhotoSequence check out PhotoSequence Pro on the Android Market!
Photosequence Lite is the fastest camera on the Android market.
Keep the shutter button pressed down for as long as you want to shoot photos and have fun selecting the perfect moment, composing the photosequence in various layouts and configurations or just playing with the images back and forth at the speed of your fingertips. For more fun, try setting an fx and play the photosequence again.
PhotoSequence Lite works great when taking pictures of fast action sports like skateboarding or snowboarding but that is not all. Taking a 360 degrees panorama or even taking pictures of your family or friends is going to be much easier from now on.
Create stop-motion animation sequences by lowering the capture speed and sliding the finger off the shutter button while capturing.
With PhotoSequence Lite you can:
• Capture a burst of pictures only limited by the camera speed and resolution of your Android device.
Latest generation Android phones can easily handle 30 photos per second.
• Shoot up to 150 frames for each photosequence.
• Change the shutter speed to capture scenes with different timings.
• Pick the best frame from the photo sequence and save it to your photo gallery.
• Arrange your photosequence in a layout using a variety of shapes and borders.
• Take advantage of all your cameraphone features like focus, whitebalance, exposure, antibanding, etc...
If you want more, try Photosequence Pro where you can also:
• Save images with an FX.
• Save and share your layouts.
• Take pictures at higher resolution.
• ... and more!

PhotoSequence Lite 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:• Added focus, whitebalance, antibanding and exposure settings

• Added new layouts and the ability to add borders

• New FX (justcolor and bw)

• Improved UX and flow of the app

• Improved compatibility with a wide range of devices

• Lite version is now ad-supported

• Added a confirmation dialog when deleting frames

• Turning off flash immediately after capture to save battery

• Layouts can now be selected in a list

• Top camera icon in the toolbar now takes you back to the camera screen

PhotoSequence Lite 历史版本

PhotoSequence Lite 使用技巧

PhotoSequence Lite 信息

Android 2.1.0 以上

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