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“THIS IS IT” says BJ Penn! BJ “The Prodigy” Penn presents the premier All –In-One- MMA application. The BJ Penn theme of Black, Red and White carries throughout the BJ Penn Application. Just sign in or sign up and the BJ Penn Application gives you the best of both worlds BJ Penn and MMA, offering videos, photos, upload, news, MMA forum, BJ Penn wallpaper and twitter client. All completely FREE and ready to go!

BJ’s Videos:
• All of BJ Penn Video Blogs
• Preview screen and title of all videos. Click on the video and you are ON IT!!!
• Videos are up to date and real time

• Latest and greatest MMA News
• Referenced from the best MMA news sites

• That’s right! Upload and post your video or photo in a matter of seconds or quick and easy clicks!
• Choose from your library or upload a video at the latest MMA event or whatever you want to post

Videos / Photos:
• View all the latest Videos and Photos posted by the premier MMA Social Network on www.bjpenn.com
• Videos and Photos posted by you! That’s right … we want your experience and photos at any MMA event, who knows it might even get featured on the front page!

My Profile:
• Set up your profile on www.bjpenn.com and you are ready to go!
• View your friends, members and forum happenings

• Latest postings on what is going on www.bjpenn.com or the MMA world
• Have something on your mind? Then start a forum discussion
• Reply to the forum with your thoughts!

• Exclusive BJ Penn wallpaper provided by RVCA
• Choose from a variety of wallpaper, updated consistently

• bjpenndotcom on twitter!
• Send a “Shout Out” to BJ Penn directly from the Twitter Client
• Check out any “@bjpenndotcom” mentions

Go to www.bjpenn.com website>

BJ Penn App will be updated on a consistent basis with more and more to offer! “THIS IS IT….!”

Any objectionable photos / videos / postings will be removed immediatley.

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Android 2.3.7 以上

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