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Truck Stops And Services

Truck Stops And Services

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Truck Stops And Services Truck Stops And Services Truck Stops And Services Truck Stops And Services Truck Stops And Services Truck Stops And Services Truck Stops And Services

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7000 TruckStops And Much More! Data From The National Truckers Service Directory

Go to http://www.truckstopsandservices.com/mobile-app.php
This is support page to explain this app, a lot of people have been using it wrong.
Using the newest technology available, our app uses HTML5 to work on just about every mobile device on the market today. This technology allows your device to automatically download the app and save it to your device for use offline. It also auto updates to the newest version when you connect via the Internet.
HTML5 is supported my most new mobile devices. This allows us to have the same app work on the iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, and Android without needing to go through each individual app store.
While the app works through your mobile device's browser, it isn't just another website. Using HTML5, your device is able to download the files and run them even when you aren't connect to the Internet. It will use the cached (stored) version of the app while you are offline.
If you have hit and miss 3G service, then just go into "airplane mode" and the app will stop trying to check for the newest updates and just run off of the previously download version.
Installing the app on each device is a little different but the concept is the same. You just need to "add to your home screen". Once you add the app to your home screen, your mobile device will automatically download and save all of the required files so that your app can run offline.

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Got to the this link for support and instructions :


Version 52 now makes the app work with no cell phone service. Be sure to download the app or update with a good strong signal.

Just took a long drive in the mountains, app worked all the time, even with no cell phone service !

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Android 2.1.0 以上


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