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blippar blippar blippar blippar blippar blippar

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For more blippable images go to http://blipp.it
Welcome to Blippar – a free magic ‘lens’ which uses your device's camera to 'blipp' and instantly unlock the world around you with exclusive information, entertainment and virtual experiences.
‘Blipp’ any real world item carrying the 'blipp' instruction – such as magazines, newspapers, billboards, travel cards, logos or even grocery products. By simply holding your phone up in blippar mode to look at the image, it will magically jump to life with an exclusive content experience.
Experiences might appear overlaid or ‘augmented’ over the real-world image or object (such as interactive games or magical digital apparitions); or it could take the form of a simple web-link (to watch a trailer, visit a website or ‘like’ on facebook), or perhaps an exclusive ‘take-away’ - something simple which downloads immediately to your phone for future use (such as a coupon or recipe). You won’t know until you ‘blipp’...
Always free to users, blippar is a magical new way for your favourite publishers, brands and retailers to get exciting new messages, offers, experiences and helpful real-time information to you. Simply 'blipp' for more!
How it works:
• Browse the in-app catalogue or look for a blippar [b] instruction in the real world
• Hold your phone up in blippar mode and fill the screen with the image or object
• Blipp!
• No photo-taking - just hold, wait, enjoy and share!
NB: Blippar is a new interactive mobile platform with content and ‘blipp’ experiences being added daily. Be sure to keep checking your app catalogue for updated ‘blipps’ around you or sign up for updates at blippar.com. Join us on facebook and twitter to give us your feedback and tell us what you'd like to see 'blippable'!

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