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Whether you're a fan who can't imagine going to the park without your scorebook or a coach looking to compile your team's stats, 6-4-3 is the perfect tool. Staying true to the paper-and-pencil feel of a real scorecard, scoring baseball and softball games is fun and easy. 6-4-3 uses the traditional scorekeeping conventions you're already familiar with to help you produce legible, shareable scoresheets as well as advanced statistical analysis of your team's tendencies.
-Perfect For the Fan-
Scorekeeping is an art. There's a beautiful simplicity about a 9x9 grid of diamonds. Now with 6-4-3, you can keep the tradition with the look and feel of a paper-and-pencil scorecard with the convenience of a scorebook that fits in your pocket.
Why should you have to learn a whole new scoring system? Some scoring apps want to interview you about every play. With 6-4-3, though, you simply jot down what happened just like you would on your scoresheet. Use your finger to draw a line from home to first to second, and 6-4-3 records a double.
Scoring professional games at the park or at home? 6-4-3 gives you access to import up-to-date rosters and stats of all 30 teams for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! Just drop players into the lineup without having to type in their names and numbers.
And when the game is over, 6-4-3 isn't done. You've got a beautiful, legible, and perfectly kept scoresheet as a memento of the game. Show it off by posting your scoresheet directly to Facebook, e-mail it to your friends, or take it home to print it out.
-Perfect For the Coach-
Of course 6-4-3 will generate scoresheets for the official record of your game, but there's so much more it will do! You or your scorekeeper could spend hours sifting through scoresheets, compiling your players' stats, but with 6-4-3, when the game is over, all your stats are compiled for you in seconds. And we're not just talking about your basic hits, runs, and RBIs. 6-4-3 will also give you advanced sabermetric stats like:
* BABIP (Batting Average on Balls In Play)
* RC (Runs Created)
* OPS (OBP Plus Slugging)
* ISO (Isolated Power)
* WHIP (Walks + Hits per Inning Pitched)
* FIP (Fielding-Independent Pitching)
* wOBA (Weighted On-Base Average)
* dERA (Defense-Independent ERA)
* And more!
6-4-3 doesn't stop at stats, though. Let's talk about spray charts that can be filtered by the type of contact the hitter made and whether the ball went for an out or a hit. See your players' tendencies so you can coach them better, and see your opponents' tendencies so you can adjust. And it all fits in the palm of your hand, perfectly easy to use even if you're in the third-base coach's box!
Got parents who can't make the game? 6-4-3 can send a play-by-play description of the game to Twitter so your fans (or your players' fans!) can still follow the game.
-Perfect For You-
Whether you're a coach or a fan, 6-4-3 is designed to be the ultimate scorekeeping tool. If you can keep score on a scorecard, you already know everything you need to to score with 6-4-3.
Always feel free to contact me with questions our if you run into problems as I am always happy to help. If you see a review that's less than 4 stars, it's because they didn't contact me for help. I want every customer satisfied!
无论你是一个球迷谁也无法想象去公园没有你的得分记录簿或教练希望编译你的团队的统计,6-4-3是一个完美的工具。坚守一个真正的记分卡,记分棒球和垒球比赛的纸张和铅笔的感觉,轻松有趣。 6-4-3采用了传统的评估机制约定,你已经很熟悉,帮助你产生清晰的,可共享评分表以及你的团队的倾向,先进的统计分析。
- 完美对于扇
进球专业游戏在公园还是在家里? 6-4-3,您可以访问导入了最新名册的所有30支球队和统计信息不收取额外费用!只需拖放球员进入主力阵容,而无需在输入自己的姓名和电话号码。
- 完美对于Coach-
当然6-4-3将产生评分表你的游戏的官方记录,但有这么多会做!你或你的记分员可以花好几个小时,通过筛选评分表,编译你的球员的统计,但6-4-3,当比赛结束后,所有的统计都在几秒钟内为您编译。而且我们不只是在谈论你的基本命中,奔跑,以及分打点。 6-4-3也会给你先进的sabermetric统计,如:
    * BABIP(安打率上球玩)
    * RC(奔跑创建)
    * OPS(OBP加猛击)
    * ISO(隔离电源)
    * WHIP(自助游+每局倾斜点击)
    * FIP(守备无关投球)
    * wOBA(加权基平均)
有家长谁也无法让游戏? 6-4-3可以将比赛的发挥,通过播放介绍到Twitter让你的粉丝(或你的球员的球迷!)仍可以按照游戏。
- 完美为你 -

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