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dito - the ebook reader with thousands of e-books and audio-books
The idea with dito is that everyone who loves to read should be able to love e-books. We've made it quick, easy and convenient. All purchases in one place, lots of inspiration, reading tips and help getting started - with dito everything is integrated. We take care of you all the way from the love of reading to buying a book. Welcome to a new way of reading!
With dito for Android, you can purchase, download and read thousands of e-books and mp3-books directly on your Android phone or tablet.
dito for the Android is
• An e-bookstore with thousands of titles by Swedish and international writers, both e-books and audio-books. Book purchases made directly in the app or on dito.se are available directly in the dito app.
• An e-book reader that you can take with you anywhere, even when you're offline
• Automatic synchronization of your reading and your purchases on all your devices
• Tablets that you can buy at dito.se, on bokus.com or in your local Akademibokhandeln store.
Buying e-books
You buy your e-books directly in the app or on dito.se. Once you find the book you are looking for, buying and downloading takes less than a minute. The book is downloaded directly to your tablet or mobile and you are free to start reading.
Purchased books can also be downloaded as ePub files to read your books on a computer or in other e-readers.
To buy books on dito, you need a dito or Bokus account. The account can be created directly in the app or on dito.se.
Your books
Here you get a good overview of what books you have bought and how far you've read in each book. Your books are stored in the dito app as well as in our cloud service. If you lose your e-reader, you can always download your books again. You can sort your books by title, author, or which book you read last.
To read e-books
With e-books on dito you have a whole library in your hand. You read what you want, when you want and wherever you want. You can also change the text so that the size is right for you, and raise or dim the background light so that your reading conditions are perfect.
Listening to audio-books
Listen to your favorite books and enjoy having an entire library of audio-books in your pocket. Listen whenever and wherever you want, jump back and forth from your favorite pieces.
Dito for Android requires that you have Android 2.2 or later.
dito - e-books from Akademibokhandeln and Bokus
迪托 - 数以千计的电子图书和有声读物的电子书阅读器
DITO的想法是,大家谁喜欢阅读应该是能够爱电子书。我们已经取得了快速,方便和便利。所有购买一个地方,大量的灵感,阅读提示和帮助入门 - DITO一切都集成。我们照顾你,爱读书的方式买了一本书。欢迎到一个新的阅读方式!
•电子书店成千上万的标题由瑞典和国际的作家,无论是电子图书和有声读物。 DITO应用程序可以直接在书在应用程序或dito.se的直接购买。
在这里,你会得到一个很好的概述你买什么书,如何在每本书你读过。 DITO应用程序存储在你的书,以及在我们的云服务。如果你失去了你的电子阅读器,您可以随时再次下载的书籍。您可以按照书的标题,作者,或你读这本书最后。
迪托需要你有Android 2.2或更高版本的Andr​​oid。
迪托 - 电子书从Akademibokhandeln Bokus

Dito 更新内容

New in this version:
- Performance improvements, optimizations and bug fixes.

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Android 4.0.3 以上
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