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The Buskers Friend
Latest!! - Now supports printing and save as pdf.
Chordinator lets you view, organise, edit, print, share and transpose guitar chords/tab sheets.
Now with chord/tab download. Not tied to any websites. Download chords/tab to disk and use the apps built in editor.
Use the full screen mode and auto scroll leaving your hands free to focus on the music. All songs are stored on the phone so no need for an Internet Connection, and means that the app is very fast. The new SetList feature let you organise your songs into Sets for even quicker access to the song you want. Transpose instantly and the key is remembered the next time you view the song. There is an option to save the transposed song to disk.
The Chordinator supports ordinary text files as well as the popular ChordPro/chopro song format. The app lets you convert between the two formats. chordie.com is a great source for songs in ChoPro format. An example chopro song is supplied for those not familiar with the format.
There are two colour schemes - Black on White and White on black, and the app can optionally run in Full screen mode. The font size is easily changed to suit your eyes and your device. The app automatically wraps the song to fit the width of the screen so you don't have to scroll left and right as well as up and down.
Please be fair and contact me at pkbevans@gmail.com before giving me a low rating. I always try to fix problems straight away. Please also contact me if you have questions or suggestions for improving the app. I am continually working to make this the best chord viewer app on the Market.
What they say:
Danny: “Paul,I Love it! It Works Beautifully! I Finally found a Useful Product of this Sorts for my Tablet. Also... Nice Additional Features you have included!”
Gerry: “Great app. Thnx.”
Paulo: “You're great...... Now is easy to find every part of a song. That is too necesary when we're playing live. Ohh... I have to tell you the members of the band are buying Android phones just because Chordinator. Now they're working with a big and heavy folder fulled of printed copies. Can you image them trying to find song sheets every sunday? Thanks.”
Oleh: “Thank you, Paul! Everything works just great! Thanks again!“
Steve: “Just a line to let you know that the update you sent last is working quite nicely on my AOC tablet too. No complaints, just kudos for all your hard work!”
最新! - 现在支持打印和保存为PDF格式。
该Chordinator支持普通的文本文件,以及流行的ChordPro / chopro歌曲格式。该应用程序可以让你转换两种格式之间。 chordie.com是歌曲ChoPro格式的重要来源。一个例子chopro歌提供对于那些不熟悉的格式。
有两种配色方案 - 白底黑字和黑底白字,而应用程序可以在全屏模式下可选运行。字体大小很容易改变,以适应你的眼睛和你的设备。该应用程序自动换曲,以适应屏幕宽度,这样你就不必滚动左,右,以及上下。

The Chordinator 更新内容

Fixed - Sort options not displayed correctly
Improved - Sets ordered alphabetically
Improved - Prev/Next buttons bigger and scaled for different screen sizes
New - Added Tenor (C-G-D-A) Chord shapes
New - Added Portuguese translations - obrigado Jorge :)
Fixed - Preferences on Android vs<11
Removed - Swipe to remove from Set disabled, following feedback
New. Now allows app to be installed/moved to sd card

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Android 3.1.0 以上
Paul Evans

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