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Have problems with annoying pests? Weeds taking over your lawn and garden? Critters chewing up your home and/or garden? WE HAVE THE SOLUTION! With Gardening/Landscaping being one of the most popular hobbies in America, for millions of people, there is no more relaxing or rewarding way to spend their time. For over 80 years, Bonide Products, Inc. has had the privilege of supplying America's gardeners with what we refer to as our "Best Solutions." These are products designed to help hobbyists with just about any home, lawn or garden pest that may be encountered. We are proud of the fact that our over 300 products represents the most complete line of solutions for your lawn, home and garden problems in the country. With all these products to choose from, it can be difficult to know what to use and when. For this reason, we have created this "Bonide Best Solutions" APP. ****************** Features - A complete and easy guide of various problems typically found in and around your home and garden. - Color coded categories, making it easier to "find" your solution. - View categories by name or by image. - Search engine to find the name of the pest, weed, or animal and find a solution for that problem. - View products we offer by name. Shows product image and description and links to our dealer locator, read labels, and can even "Email a Friend" a solution to help them solve their problem. (email account on device required) - Dealer locator to find a dealer or store in your area that may carry Bonide's Products for these solutions. (wifi or data capabilities required) - Quick reference guide to find the problem fast: Red for Insect Control, Orange for Disease Control and Yellow for Animal Control. We wish you great gardening success and thank you for using Bonide products!

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