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How Far is That?

How Far is That?

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How Far is That? How Far is That? How Far is That? How Far is That? How Far is That? How Far is That? How Far is That? How Far is That?

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How Far is That? See the distance between multiple points anywhere in the world.
Ever wonder how far away something is? Well wonder no more. This handy tool lets you see the distance between two or more points anywhere in the world. Measure from your current location (determined from GPS), or any place of your choosing.
Thinking about buying one of those expensive range finders? Give this a try first. You'll be glad you did.
Golfers - How far to the pin, to the front/center/back of the green? How far to carry that bunker? How far did I hit that drive? Stop looking around for those distance markers on the sprinkler heads that never seem to be quite right. Just tap the screen and know instantly. Tired of these other golf apps that never seem to have your local courses available? Don't worry. No courses to download. If your course is on Google Maps then it works with this app.
Hikers - How far is it to that next ridge? How far have we gone from camp? Stop wondering. Just tap the screen and find out.
Tourists - Traveling to a new place and want to get the lay of the land? Can we walk there from our hotel? It's easy to find out.
Hunters - Know your range. Get setup and use this app to find the range of your potential shots. Don't let that next trophy escape because your not sure if he's in range, and don't take an irresponsible shot if he's not.
Contractors - Need to measure that property line? Leave the measuring wheel in the truck, or better yet at the hardware store.
Real Estate Professionals - Need to know the lot size? How much waterfront does it have? How far is it _really_ from the city center?
Sailors - Well, I'm no sailor, but we do have an option to display distances in nautical miles. ;)
Private Pilots - Need help making that next flight plan? Know exactly how far it is between airports. Just use the search feature to pull up whatever airports you're thinking of stopping at and add a marker there.
Anyone - Just curious how big something is or how far away it really is? Large objects can be especially deceiving when trying to determine their distance. I once walked for 45 minutes to the Eiffel Tower because "it didn't look that far." Maybe you're just curious how far apart the stones at Stonehenge are, or how long the Golden Gate Bridge is. This app will tell you.
View distances in feet, yards, miles, meters, kilometers or nautical miles.
This app uses Google Maps and works anywhere in the world that it does. The map view and search feature require a data connection.
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