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Blood Pressure (BP) Watch

Blood Pressure (BP) Watch

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Blood Pressure (BP) Watch Blood Pressure (BP) Watch Blood Pressure (BP) Watch Blood Pressure (BP) Watch Blood Pressure (BP) Watch Blood Pressure (BP) Watch Blood Pressure (BP) Watch Blood Pressure (BP) Watch Blood Pressure (BP) Watch Blood Pressure (BP) Watch

Blood Pressure (BP) Watch 描述

Collect, track, analyze and share your blood pressure record. Get reminded at the right time.Share with just a click.Backup using Google Drive, Dropbox.
★ Get organized: (Record)
--No more paper record. Record your BP, pulse, weight all in one place. Add comments, tag mood, weather, activity for future reference.
★Always have your stuff with you:(History, calendar, body)
--View your record as a list , calendar, and body location. View monthly average based on location.
★See trends: (Stats and analytics)
--Look at color coded sequential, time-line and distribution graph. Find best, worst average statistics for a given time.
★Share your record:
--Email , google drive , drop box, file
★Never forget to record:
--Set up reminder, never forget to record your blood pressure again.
★Manage other's record:
--Create multiple accounts and manage record for your family and friends.
★Make it your own:
--Chose the color you like most for viewing pleasure.
★Stay in touch:
--Send us feedback, write review and shape it as you want. We treat your priority as number one for us. We would love to see you in our facebook and google plus page.
★Permission Explained:
--Contact: Populate email id from your contact. Allows us populate email next time you email.
--Internet: google plus. facebook, help page, google analytics, ads.
--Identity: Google drive backup
--Photos/Media/Files: Export and profile picture
- 查看你的记录作为一个列表,日历,和身体的位置。查看基于位置的月平均。
- 创建多个账户和管理记录你的家人和朋友。
- 联系:从您的联系人填充电子邮件ID。让我们填充电子邮件下次您发送电子邮件。
--Photos /媒体/文件:出口和个人资料图片

Blood Pressure (BP) Watch 更新内容

Version 3.0.19 -- beta
Version 3.0.18
New Language added
Version 3.0.15
Fix for android 4.0.
Version 3.0.11
bug fixes
Version 3.0.8
bug fixes
Version 3.0.6
Import related fix
Version 3.0.5
New Graph and bug fixes
Version 3.0.4
Bug Fixes
Version 3.0.1
New Design

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Android 4.1.x 以上

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