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Learn Chinese (Business)

Learn Chinese (Business)

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Learn Chinese (Business) Learn Chinese (Business) Learn Chinese (Business) Learn Chinese (Business) Learn Chinese (Business)

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Chinese’s Mandarin IMPORTANT for China Business Learn the language ASAP!✰✰✰ Best contents Very Well Categorized Business Mandarin Chinese Sentences Authentic Mandarin Chinese Pronunciation HEAR, READ LEARN with Chinese Character Writings + Mandarin Chinese's Pinyin + English Many more features Think for yourself and your children: Be more versatile in terms of job prospects in the future! China Opportunities, Chinese and Mandarin are the HOTTETS TOPICS. The future is in Asia and the Mandarin Chinese is exponentially gaining popularity in Asia and the globe. It is the most useful business language after English. Tip for you: THE EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM! Learn to communicate with Business Mandarin in Mandarin Speaking business environment is the first essential step YOU take to gain advantages and BE SUCCESSFUL. China Business - BravoLang is easiest to use and best designed for opportunists, job seekers, business peoples and literally anyone who are desperate to learn speaking, reading and writing Business Mandarin Chinese in action. Features: COMPREHENSIVE ESSENTIALvocabularies/scenario-based sentences that cover ALL day-to-days needs in (Mandarin Chinese speaking) business environment rather than merely a language study pack. AUTHENTIC PRONUNCIATIONin Mandarin Chinese for each vocabulary/scenario-based sentence that help expressing your needs and views. HEAR, READ LEARN!ALL vocabularies/scenario-based sentences come with CHINESE CHARACTER WRITINGS, MANDARIN CHINESE’s PINYIN and ENGLISH that MAXIMIZES UNDERSTANDING and LEARNING OUTCOME. CAREFULLY CATEGORIZEDvocabularies/scenario-based sentences that WELL PREPARE you to handle day-to-day workplace communication and make a fortune with Mandarin. STORE YOUR FAVORITESthat you can keep favored vocabularies/scenario-based sentences and retrieve easily. The LITE version contains over 200+ essential Vocabularies/Scenario-Based Sentences: - Greetings- Phone Calls- Meeting- Communications- Appointments If you upgrade to the PRO, you will get over 400+ Vocabularies/Scenario-Based Sentences - Place Order- Business Trip- Client Reception- Job Interview- Presentation- Office Talk- Office Utilities

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