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BreathTheWaves Lite

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BreathTheWaves Lite BreathTheWaves Lite BreathTheWaves Lite BreathTheWaves Lite

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BreathTheWaves is a relaxation app that automatically synchronizes to your breathing and accordingly creates a soundscape such as a seashore. BreathTheWaves helps you maintain attention on your natural breath and can support meditation training by practicing Mindfulness of Breathing.

This is the lite version of BreathTheWaves and each meditation session is fixed to three minute. The full version of BreathTheWaves allows you to determine the duration of your session by setting the timer.

BreathTheWaves uses the motion sensors in your phone, please note that the accuracy of the app is only as good as the accuracy of the sensors in the device this app is installed on.

BreathTheWaves is intended to be used when lying down with your phone placed on your abdomen. Begin a pattern of even regular breathing and the app starts synchronizing to the movements of your abdomen. Remember that BreathTheWaves does not aim to guide your breathing with cues, but rather synchronizes to your natural breathing to promote mindful attention.

After several breaths the app picks up your breathing pattern and starts to create the soundscape. You will appreciate the audio most vividly when using headphones. You can set the desired volume by using the volume buttons on your phone. It is recommended to set your phone to airplane mode to prevent interruption by incoming phone calls.

Scene: BreathTheWaves offers different scenes for producing soundscapes, including 'Seashore' giving rolling wave sounds and 'Deep sea' generating whale sounds.

Timer: The full version of BreathTheWaves allows you to determine the duration of your session by setting the timer.

History: BreathTheWaves can present a chart displaying your average respiration rate during the session. Note that the app needs to collect sufficient data, and after several minutes you are able to view the history. It is recommended to look at the chart at the end of your session.

Color: You can select your favorite screen color.

Note that the breath detection algorithm is reset when touching the screen.

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Mediaplayer bugfix.

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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