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Expense Tracker is a simple and friendly expenses tracking application focused on helping you manage your finance. The application helps you to track your expenses, and create and analyse your budgets. This application allows you to create categories for expenses, enter expenses for those categories for different dates with notes, make budgets , specifying the start and end dates. You can specify how much money for the different expense categories that you have already entered. You can create multiple budgets and give it a beginning balance amount.
An important feature of the Expense Tracker application is the reports it create, which you can save to a desired destination in memory card, or can be sent via e-mail to a desired recipient.There is also graphs for easy comparison and knowing the status.
• Simple and elegant user-interface.
• Widget can be used to enter data with a few taps of your finger, really quick and easy.
• Record expenses anywhere and anytime - whenever you incur the expense.
• Track and analyze your spending with customizable reports.
• Reports can be easily saved to a user desired location in memory card.
• Reports in the form of graphs for easy understading.
• Reports can be easily sent via e-mail.
• Support for multiple orientations.
• Easily create your own category for expenses.
• Log all your expense information to find out exactly what your real budget status is.
• Track your small business expenses, and stay within your budget.
• Unlimited user defined category.
• Keep notes for every record.
• Expense summary - provides a running total of all expense.
• Export to Excel compatible .csv files.
•随时随地记录费用 - 每当你产生的费用。
•费用汇总表 - 提供了一个正在运行的所有支出总额。

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Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play

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