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Horse Racing News - SF

Horse Racing News - SF

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Horse Racing News - SF Horse Racing News - SF Horse Racing News - SF Horse Racing News - SF Horse Racing News - SF Horse Racing News - SF

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Love horse racing and need an efficient way to stay on top of things?
Want to get the latest news & videos about horse racing?
Following Kentucky Derby, Breeders' Cup or the Royal Ascot?
Horse Racing News is the answer!
***Now with an all-new user interface for better news reading!***
Main Features:
* No setup or learning time required. Fire the app for the first time – and immediately see what are the current “must-know” news in the horse racing world
* Catch up on your own schedule: You can choose your own time-frame in one tap, so you'll be up-to-date no matter how often you're checking things out
* Videos curated from leading horse racing YouTube channels.
* Check out only the headlines – or go deeper: You can check out any news item's coverage from the many sources which covered it. Seeing how different publications cover the same event from different angles was never so easy.
* Choose your favorite topics and/or block topics you don't want so you can easily stay on top of the things in the topics that matter to you. If there's a specific race, horse, jockey or anything else you'd like to follow, this is the easiest, most efficient way to do so!
* Block any source you don't like! Simply long-tap the article and block it!
* Live results and upcoming races inside the app!
* An awesome new widget!
* A community of Horse Racing fans! An in app commenting system, article tagging, reputation points and badges!
* Push notifications on prominent horse racing events
* Read later - free built in read later inside the app to save interesting articles for later!
Follow us on Twitter: @SportfusionApps
Enjoying the app? Not satisfied? Whatever it is - we’re waiting to hear from you. Please write us what’s on your mind to support@newsfusion.com
Use of the Sportfusion Application is governed by the Sportfusion Terms of Use (http://sportfusion.com/terms-privacy-policy).
*无需设置或学习时间。消防首次应用程序 - 并立即看到什么都在赛马界目前的“必知”的新闻
*退房只有标题 - 或者更深入:您可以从其中涵盖了它许多来源检查出任何新闻项目的覆盖面。看到不同的出版物如何从不同的角度对同一事件是从来没有那么容易。
*稍后阅读 - 免费建在以后的内部应用程序读取保存有趣的文章供以后!
享受应用程序?不满意?不管它是什么 - 我们正在等待收到你的来信。请写信给我们什么是对你的心support@newsfusion.com

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As always please send feature requests, complaints and inquiries to support@newsfusion.com. We read each and every note!
The Newsfusion team

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