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News About Android News About Android News About Android News About Android News About Android News About Android

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All Things Android™!
The most advanced app for getting the latest Android news.
Sorts the news items for you by priority - be a news 'power user'!
The only app you need to be on top of the Android world! With hundreds of sources, we collect the most important stuff from all the major, minor and indie websites and blogs so you won’t miss a thing.
Main Features -
@ Full coverage from the top prominent stories. Clean feed with no repeated stories!
@ Your pace - read the latest articles, the articles from the last 24 hours, or up to one week ago.
@ Videos curated from leading Youtube channels!
@ Always stay up to date - with our push notifications on important news (optional)!
@ Your personal magazine - choose your favorite topics or the topics you want blocked and with one click create your own personal edition!
@ In app commenting system! Comment on any story easily from inside the app!
@ Tag the articles with your opinions and they will be shown next to the headlines!
@ Block source - saw a source you don't like? Long tap on the article and block it!
@ An awesome widget!
@ 360 view for each article- saw an article you liked ? Hit "more coverage" and see all the websites which covered it !
@ A Free Read Later - save interesting articles inside the app for a more convenient time for you!
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Use of the Newsfusion Application is governed by the Newsfusion Terms of Use (http://newsfusion.com/terms-privacy-policy).
* Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
* The Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.
按优先级排序的新闻条目为你 - 是一个新闻“超级用户”!
主要特点 -
@你的脚步 - 阅读最新的文章,文章从过去24小时内,或者最多一个星期前。
@始终保持最新 - 与我们的推送通知的重要新闻(选配)!
@您的个人杂志 - 选择你最喜爱的主题或者你想阻止的议题和点击创建自己的个人版!
@座源 - 看到一个你不喜欢的来源?长按上的文章,并阻止它!
@ 360查看每个物品─看到一篇文章,你喜欢?点击“更多的覆盖面”,并看到所有涵盖它的网站!
@阿免费的阅读以后 - 保存在应用程序中有趣的文章为一个更方便的时间为您服务!
* Android是谷歌公司的商标。
* Android的机器人复制或从创造和谷歌共享,并根据知识共享署名3.0许可中条款使用工作进行修改。

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Following your requests we're proud to announce a new feature: collapsed mode. An efficient reading mode that will let you skim fast through the news, on the expense of visuals.

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